Prostitution Report
from Laos

Alright guys, it's been said before, but now to reiterate:Laos is not for Mongering. Flew to LuangPrabang, which is great for temples, waterfalls, general sightseeing. But no scene. On to Vientiane becuase I'm feeling the need, and I think surely the capitol has something going on. Big Negative. I stayed at a hotel, sanoke something, next to the Novotel. Has 3 discos in the vicinity, one very obviously a girly bar. Go inside, take a seat in the very dark bar. Vinyl couches. Lao band playing Lao "rock" Lots of Japanese and Korean.

I'm the only westerner. Buy the bartender a beer. We chat, and I confirm that this is where I can "take girl to hotel" kinda bar. Yes he assures me, pick one. So I choose out of the girls Lao dancing, which looks like country line dancing. She's about a 6, best in here. She's drinks a few beers with me, I ask her if she'd like to accompany me, "no, me only drinkie" O.K. ask the bartender what's up, he talks to her in Lao, she says no farang. Alright, so I'm farang. Mid 20's, fit, good looking guy. What gives. He actually tells another girl to go with me, "no farang" There all content with the Japanese. I say screw it and leave. A tuk-tuk driver offers "lady boom-boom" So we go cruising for girls. It's about 11:30 on a thursday evening. We make the rounds, by the river, the fountain, the market. Nada, one chunky girl saying 30$ I ain't having it. Say take me back to hotel. As were pulling in I get "the Look" from a decent 7. I point to her and say wait. I pay the tuk-tuk, and talk with the gal. She says she's going dancing, asks where I'm going, I say to hotel. She says o.k. to go with me, and were off.

Once there I say 1,000bht, expecting her to say 30usd. But she agrees. Does the shower first, and proceed to have 2 decent nuts. In the morning get off one more before sending her on her way. In the end, if it hadnt been for the fact that it had been a week since I'd been in Thailand, I would have given her a 5, but blue balls and all, she got a 7. Monday I'm on my way to Cambodia, then it's hello Viet BBBJ. Final synops: Vientiane offers little for tourist, and virtually nothing for mongerers.

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