Prostitution Report
from Latvia

This summer this year I was in this city for a business trip and had no time for a tests and nothing to report to our fellow mongers, but new after a walk through the old town that I have to come back to this place. I am definitely not able to describe the look of the girls in this town, you have to come here yourself to see what drives me crazy. Long legs, nice tits and absolutely beautiful faces everywhere you look. I have no idea how it comes, but it is definitely the city with the most beautiful girls I have ever been to. And I am travelling a lot, have seen all capitals in Europe.

So I decided to spend a week after Christmas in Riga, a friend came with me and we arrived on the 27th. I booked an apartment via an agency, you can contact them on , the name of the lady is Carina, her English is fine and she is very nice. She recommended an apartment in the old town of Riga, two bedrooms, big living room, open kitchen with dining room, big bathroom and an open fire-place for 70 Euro per night. At the arrival she was waiting for us together with the landlord, provided us with a copy of “Riga this week” and the landlord left some business cards of strip clubs next to the telephone…they obviously know their clients… We started with a walk through the old town, a phantastic place to be also apart from the girls. Everybody who is interested in historical cities is absolutely right in Riga. Lovely buildings, well kept, combined with one bar, café, restaurant next to the other. And the best are the prices, half a litre beer is around one Euro, a main course around five Euro.

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For all of you who are not interested in this I should start with the important things now, the hobby. First day I contacted a girl I found on I have written to all the email addresses I found there and got different responses. I have written a text in English and german, saying that I look for escort service, most replied with an automatic reply in Russian and/or Latvian including a telephone number. Only some reacted with individual mails, one was Ina. Tel : 9650826 (if anybody tells me how to make the size (kb) of a pic smaller, then i could post one)

She speaks German and and said she was available. So I called her immediately after our tour through the city, because I needed quick relaxation after being in some bars (believe me, I really needed it!!!). She asked for 20 Lat for one hour, including oral and vaginal sex, both with condom. I asked for extras, she said no anal, but for some extra money BBBJ could be done. With some additional money I could also have her bareback. So I asked her to come for 50 Lat (gave her 70 Euro at the end). She is a very cute girl, face is a 6 (in other cities I would give her a 7, but not here), body between 7 and 8, the ass is fantastic, but the tits have to pay contribution to two kids. She is 27, but looks much younger. Action After a boring start with a talk about her visit to germany and looking at some pictures of her kids I started touching her ass, she refused to fuck me immediately, because she wanted to have a shower before, ok, like clean girls. I waited in the bedroom and got undressed. She came in, laid down and did nothing…after crawling her back for a while she became more active and the session turned into finest girl friend action with kissing, hugging and cuddling. I fucked her without condom in different position, nice firm cunt, but she asked to not come in her, so I came on her body. She asked me if I wanted a second time, but I said the hour is over. She smiled and said, no problem, she really enjoyed it, so I have to pay the first hour and the rest is free fun. Wow, nice girl. After a nice chat we started the second round, she gave a rally nice BBJ, I licked her and barebacked her again, finished on her tits. After three hours she left and I promised her to call again.

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At night we decided to go to Voodoo Club, every taxy driver knows where it is. A nice club, two dance floors, GOGO dancers (WOW!) and girls wherever you look. We met three nice Latvian girls, but after some drinks they left us. At four we had to face the fact that we will not find anything to fuck here, at least nothing easy and that is what we were into. So we decided to go to ROXY. Still a lot of people there and, of course, fantastic girls. Unfortunately my friend, who made his first experiences (yep, with 35!) in the business was too much thinking with his dick. Two girls smiling at us were his target and I agreed even if I had to take the 5 ranking of the two girls. The one he was into was an 7-8. I knew from the beginning that this was a bad choice, because the girls were just too hobby-like. Anyway, they offered to go to our apartment for a “massage”. I thought ok, nothing special, but at least it will lead into a fuck, but I should have asked for details before… In the apartment we had endless discussions, but we ended in the bedrooms. My girl immediately told me that she is not able to give me a massage, but for 100 Lat I could fuck her (she had no condoms, so bareback would have been possible). I just smiled, because this I knew that this price in this city I would not even have paid for a 10. So we discussed a while, I asked for a blowjob, but she said she would never ever do that. At the end I was just happy to get rid of her and offered 20 Euro to avoid discussions, I was tired at seven in the morning. My friends experience was not much better, for 30 LAT he got a handjob, schoolgirl like he said. So wasted time in the first night.

Second day After sleeping long I felt that I need a massage and went to a massage salon that is advertising in “Riga this week”, Elisabetez Iela 29b, Apartment 3. A middle aged lady opened me the door, she was speaking English and telling me that I could only get an erotic massage, no sex, but I would like it….so a massage was what I was coming for and she presented me two girls, one a 7 and the other a 9. I took the 9 and this was a good decision. Long black her, nice face and a brilliant body. After a shower she came in dressed only with a slip so that I could see her perfect breasts. She asked me to lay down and started with a traditional back massage, well done and obviously she learned that. After also massaging my legs she creamed her tits with oil and started to “massage” my back with them, fantastic. Then I turned around and she “massaged” my front side with the tits, including my dick. I could have come between her tits, but I did not want to come at this stage, so she went on, even started to kiss me and gave me one of the best hand jobs I ever had. A very erotic massage ! Unfortunately I have forgotten her name, but I will go back and take her again.

At night we went to the Roxy again, this time earlier, already at twelve. Fantastic girls everywhere, we decided to try our luck with a free fuck, but I was more into drinking that night.

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