Prostitution Report
from Louisiana

Frankly, the street scene in New Orleans is abysmal, and has been for years. The girls used to be lined up like fence posts along Airline Highway, but no more. Now the one or two that you may catch a glimpse of are immediately swarmed over by the other johns. This creates a very difficult situation for the careful and methodical customer like me. I prefer to scope a girl out for at least a minute or two to make sure it's not a set up, sting, or TV. But that tactic is rarely possible nowadays in New Orleans. If you see a girl, you have to immediately pull over and commit yourself to the situation before someone else picks her up. Then you just have to hope to hell the cops don't swoop down on you, etc.

Another problem is the quality of the product out there. There are very few women in New Orleans that view prostitution simply as a vocation. Almost without exception, the girl you will pick up on the street is a crack whore. And needless to say, this is a volatile and dangerous situation. Unfortunately, it's gotten so bad in New Orleans that even crack whores are hard to find. You have to go to the projects and the poor, black parts of town, pick up some wacked-out black broad, and hope to Christ you don't get knifed in the process.

The massage parlor scene along Chef Menteur Highway used to be the best place to go by default. I used to go to the Tabu, get nude handjobs, and do everything I wanted to the girl except fuck her, all for $40. Couldn’t beat it. But the cops cracked down on the parlors and closed most of them down. And I simply can't afford those incall/outcall services. I can't fathom dropping $200 to $500 on a piece of ass that's out the door the second after you ejaculate.

The best route I can offer is to bide your time and find a prostitute that you like, and try like hell to become one of her regulars. A steady supply of attractive, semi-normal street prostitutes in New Orleans is a thing of the past. Sin City ain’t what it used to be.

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