Prostitution Report
from Luxembourg

Prostitution in Luxembourg is legal (Or lets say legally not pursued) Adds with "Homeworkers" can be found in the "Luxbazar", they are NOT available in the online edition of this paper (grr)Well buying Luxbazar might be cheaper then running the streets without success. (1.5$) Main action takes place in the streets round the "Poste centrale, Gare", route de Hollerich, rue du Fort Wedell.

Unfortunately the communal representatives are thinking prostitution is a bad thing that should be fought... trafic rules change slightly starting 8p and ending 6am. The streets then become "one way only" which means you have to make a detour to "drive around" no big deal but not very comfortable. Prices are starting at 2000Luf (45$) they can be less (beware junkie alert) or more (decide yourself) for blow and fuck. Most girls just do protected sex, some black women (so I was told) will do "without". Main Language is french (no pun) some speak english. Action takes place in car or in cheap hotels (beware, it's more expensive and not worth the money). Some upper class Ladies only go to hotels (again, you decide). As usual this is a 24h a day job and action starts when it ends and vice versa. BUT, best chances to get a good fuck is around 10pm. The most beautiful ladies work from 9pm to 1am, after this hour you'll find a lot of black women imported from Belgium or directly from Africa.

Police are omnipresent but most very decent if not aggressed. They will ask you for ID etc but won't even register you. That fact that you won't see
police cars very often is just another proof for their decence. They try to protect woman against agressors, which is basically a good thing. While
prostitution is legal in fact lux. law does not allow "Protection". There is some hidden action in Bars as well. As this is forbidden, it won't
be very easy to find the right girl and it might be very expensive to get her where you want to, first because you will spend a lot of champagne (very bad quality for very high price) second because those girls have rates starting at 10000Luf(220$). Escort services also exist, see Luxbazar and expect prices starting at "Street price" and exceeding the 2000$ bareer... Well so far for a general impression on Luxembourg city, not a great place but there are some hidden jewels... just need some hints to find them.

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