Prostitution Report
from Macau

What to do when in Hong Kong? Go to Macau. This is perhaps one of the best one to two day get aways from urban HK. This is my third visit to what used to be a Portugese Territory, but now is one of China's Special Administrative Regions (SAR). I always go the week before the Macau Grand Prix.I highly recommend going to the travel agency located on the 3rd floor of the Shun Tak Centre, Shop 316, 200 Connaught Road C. That is the same building where you board the Ferry/Turbocat to Macau. It is about a ten minute walk from the Star Ferry Terminal or the Airport Express Terminal. Here is a fuzzy picture of the travel agency. Sorry I took the picture too quickly, but it's for the newbie that needs to know which agency sells the packages.I purchased a round trip ferry ticket, two nights in the Hotel East Asia, and a Darlings One Package. Total cost was 1879 HKD or 240 USD. That is two nights in a hotel, round trip transportation, and a guaranteed good fucking time. Again, maybe high by some HKG standard, but a great deal in the USA.

Darlings is pricey, but guaranteed satisfaction, and great for the jet lag. For those of you who don't know about Darlings, it is a "fish bowl" type selection. The staff will bring you a complementary soda or beer while you make up your mind. There is even a set of binoculars on the table if you want to inspect further. This place is set up with style. I took number 330, a Vietnamese cutie that made me wonder why I don't go to Vietnam someday. They must send talent scouts out for these girls. They are just all so good looking. Darlings in my opinion is excellent. This girl made me feel like a King. Complements, careses, washes, massages, and gives your body a great treatment. Of course it is followed by some awesome sex. My third visit to Darlings and everytime, the girls performance is just great. I think the girls fake the act, but some do it more convincing than others. You wonder where they get their training.

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The East Asia Hotel is ok for if you don't mind a mediocre room that is still within walking distance from the main Avenida Almedia Ribero. It's a good deal for the money, but it is not a business style hotel. The main attraction for me at the East Asia Hotel is the cuties in the lobby. Some other hotels in the area also have girls hanging out in lobbies. I snapped a quick picture of the girls in front of the other hotels. The girls here start at 300 Patacs, but some wanted 500 Patacas. That is overpriced because you can get a girl at the Lisboa for 500. I wish I had not stayed two days because the hotel is really kind of cheap and the lobby girls were really asking for prices close to Lisboa talent. A Macau Pataca is equivalent to one Hong Kong Dollar.

The Lisboa is the place to go if you want to see some top talent. Man, I wanted to take pictures of this parade of beauties, but security is highly enforced. I am pretty prostitution is illegal, but the police just watch and maintain order. Cop says NO PICTURES, damm. There are all sorts of girls, including Russian and European girls. The girls in the lobby at the Lisboa start as high as 2000, but you can work them down. I think I heard one of the Russian girls say 2000. I think they are fucking crazy. I actually got a cute Chinese girl to take me to her room for 500. Once in her room she asks me if I wanted the two girls special. I thought what the fuck, sure. Her friend pops out from behind the bed and now I get to fuck two girls. So I blew 1000 Patacas. Damn, the condom breaks during that session and as good as the sex was, it fucks up my mood. I could not stop thinking about how dangerous that could be. After that session I went outside to see what kind of talent was hanging around outside the Lisboa. I have always felt that the girls beat the Grand Prix crowd by coming in early. I saw the European hookers shopping and taking pictures like the tourists during the day. I sat down to have a beer by one of those outdoor food vendors that are located by where all the girls walk around outside. There is a strip between the Hotel Lisboa and Hotel Fortuna where the girls walk, solicit, and play games with the police. I sat here and watched for about an hour. I was propositioned at least five to ten times. There must have been at least one fifty girls walking the streets. Some real lookers! Some sat down with me and tried to have a conversation. No luck, I speak not one word of Chinese. Some even pulled me by my arm trying to convince me to go. Every time I said no, the price would go down. Two girls went as low as 300, but I was not up to it. Law of supply and demand. I went back the next day, about 10 PM, and the Grand Prix crowd was checking in at all the hotels. Girls were scarce and I doubt you could get a good deal, no less a pretty girl. A big difference from the night before.

By the time I went back to the East Asia, I was ready for another session and picked a cutie from the lobby. She started a 300 but when I asked her to suck my dick, she refused. I told her 400 and she started sucking, but with no enthusiasm.The next day I wanted to try one of the girls at the other hotels in the area of the East Asia. Guys, save your money. I took some pictures. The girl with the red hair looked ok, but was a lousy lay and would not suck dick.Later, I lucked out and picked this young looking girl in the East Asia Lobby. She sucked dick like she enjoyed it. In fact I had to wonder when she was going to stop. She had big tits for a little body. Something I noticed about these Chinese girls, their tits are for real and good size in comparison to most other Asian girls in the USA. She was from Shenzen. She would not let me take her picture naked.By now I was questioning my money situation and decided I had enough. Besides, my dick felt like it had been in a vice and twisted a couple of times. I had fucked 6 girls in 3 days. I needed to save up some energy and money for the next day's trip to Bangkok.

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