Prostitution Report
from Macedonia

I was in Skopje about one week ago: I found no (decent) hookers. It seems we are too late: until recently especially the west of Macedonia was full of brothels, but the police has closed them all (according to the taxi drivers).

I started in Tetovo: taxi drivers brought me to three brothels, but two of them were closed and one had only two old, ugly hookers and a couple of police men checking the house (doubling as a restaurant). Later I found a man who was willing to provide me with a hooker for 100 Euro for one hour (probably one of the two ugly hookers of that restaurant), I passed. Some taxi drivers believed that Gostivar (and to a lesser content Kosovo) was full of hookers, so I took the bus to Gostivar: same story, massive police crackdowns on all prostitution leaving not a single brothel in function. According to the taxi drivers in Gostivar there were still some brothels in Tetovo...

In Skopje I also couldn't find anything to my taste. There are only a couple of expensive night clubs where you cannot take out the girls or only if you pay a lot. One taxi driver took me to the 'street scene' in Skopje: we found two incredibly old and ugly 'things' (I am still not sure if these were female human beings or monsters from another planet). Very depressing.Macedonia has definitely become a boring country regarding the hobby. If you are a womanizer you may find paradise though: I found the girls in Macedonia to be very beautiful and friendly.

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