Prostitution Report
from Madagascar

MADAGASCAR: A true paradise for French-speaking amateurs :

You rightly complain on lack of infos on attractive African countries... especially French speaking.

I am French, “parisien” , 56; fond of exotic girls in their 20s -that I frequently enjoy freely in Paris... but it is another story-; the cheapest the higher the fun: I understood that it is WSA philosophy, it is also mine.Last year I discovered a paradise which seem unknown of WSA addicts: Madagascar.
I shall reveal to you (mostly american friends?) a well kept secret (especially by Frenchmen of overseas territory LA REUNION, at 1H30 by plane...however expansive, at least return flight 400 €)

1) To go straight:
In countryside cities of Madagascar you chose your girlfriend and plan 8 € per day for full time assistance day and night, you travel freely with her by bus, taxi, go to hotels, with sweetness, kindness,no hassle and all the sex you want. All the single men you meet are also with their girlies, you exchange infos, have drinks, go to restaurants (good meal for 5€; superb dinner with French cuisine 10€)
If you prefer womanizing, you find girls everywhere in bars and discos (malagasy are fond of music) or you contact them when you see one or two girls walking alone in the street. Normally a girl in her 20s will not walk in the cities streets without mother or husband; if she does so, especially with a girlfriend, great chances that she be opened to sex: just smile and offer her to have a drink (in French of course! Very few anglo-saxons there! The girls are accustomed with French sex, especially with men over 50... but of course, younger fellows will be most appreciated)

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2) My geographical experience:
Madagascar is one of the poorest countries of the world.

First, I am not talking of the capital ANTANANARIVO where I did not go and I read hotels are more expansive (even if always as open for finding girls of your choice) and were hassle, beggars or thieves seems more prevalent. I am talking of the north of the island, relatively unspoilt from excess of our civilisation, even if the island of NOSY BE where I went is the n° 1 spot of Madagascar for sea sex and sun... but the capacity of each hotel –even the best- is quite never over 15 rooms! From end of August 2002 to mid September 2002 I spent 3 weeks between NOSY-BE and DIEGO SUAREZ (northern city) that I so much enjoyed that I am now planning a trip for next October in the east of the island (TAMATAVE and ILE SAINTE MARIE) to discover other sceneries and girls (with different flavour)

3) Culture and sex:
Culturally (and physically) Madagascar has various ethnies.

In the center (capital and “hauts plateaux”) they are “Merina”: the main ethny. Their complexion is brighter than on the coast (colour: “pain d’épice”). I enjoyed during one year regularly in Paris, such a “Merina” from ANTANANARIVO. She had small tits (I like) and was thin, with “un beau petit cul” and enjoyed sweet sex with me without a single penny to pay (I just offered her a scarf for her birthday!). In fact I discovered in her sweet sex and mind, malagasy culture towards things of sex. She was 21, already married since 6 months, with a French boy in his 20s, living in Marseille with husband’s family –racists small shopkeepers she complained of in my arms and I consoled her. She never complained of her husband and surely enjoyed sex with him... but it was not enough, she was still looking for variety! As she was in Marseille and me in Paris, to organize our sex parties, I contacted her through her mother living with a Frenchman in Paris suburb to know when she was coming. For her husband, she was coming to Paris to visit her mother! As her cost of travel was not cheap of course we met only every two months on average –I had other actions in the meantime!.

It is a great thing to understand malagasy culture: fundamentally it is a matriarcal society, mothers are very tolerant for their daughter to enjoy sex with several men. In Paris there was no serious economic reason for the mother to encourage her daughter in my arms: just her daughter’s pleasure and possibility to upgrade her status if I had expressed intention to marry her –which was in no way my way of thinking and I never make faulse promises.

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I had two other experiences with malagasy in Paris... but each time they already were engaged with another man: one was with a tax officer of La Reunion who had paid her a trip to Paris –but she was angry because he had simultaneously another exotic French girlfriend of la Reunion... so she wanted to have also an extra boyfriend! The other had just had a baby from her legitimate husband (chinese malagasy) –usually I do not take girls already mother, but the situation was so strange that it excited me - she wanted to be more cajoled and was deceiving her husband that she was doing extra time work ... to come in my arms .The husband had to keep the baby for the mother to play sex with me!

- girls malagasy culture is very open to sex with various men;
- malagasy girls are doing sex with several men simultaneously with a kind of stunning innocence;
- however they expect from their basic man faithfulness that they do not apply to themselves and are easily jealous (matriarcal society);
- money and status may be a motivation; but sex itself is easily played even with risk of no financial compensation, without complaint.

Local experience confirmed and deepened this parisian conclusion.
Locally I experienced ethny Sakalava in a way I shall tell.

3) My trip: end of August/ September 2002:

I left Paris on a Friday night; after connection in LA REUNION, I was in my hotel in Hell-Ville (true name of the main city of NOSY-BE!! ) around 4 p.m.
Hotel Belle Vue. The best in Hell-Ville: 25 € per night with air cond; shower/toilet and very clean room. Owned by entrepreneurial malagasy, very welcoming, pleasant (they are extending their hotel); I helped the son to put in good French certain infos for the Hotel.
I had booked by phone... but when I arrived I was among the first client since long.

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You have to know that there had been a tough electoral conflict from December 2001 to June 2002 with a beginning of civil war between the coastal population favorable to past President: RATSIRAKA (originated from east coast: TAMATAVE) in power till June 2002 and his opponent Marc RAVALOMANANA, merina , mayor of ANTANANARIVO. RATSIRAKA wanted a second ballot and RAVALOMANANA considered that he had been elected at first round. Finally RATSIRAKA left the country to exile in France when USA, then France, recognised RAVALOMANANA power. RAVALOMANANA has a reputation of pro-US and anglophile President.

Accordingly, my AIR AUSTRAL flight from LA REUNION was the second or third to land in NOSY BE after 6 months!In fact during all my trip I met few tourists and the atmosphere was globally very quiet. It means that for girls, I was there in a still cold period. However it was already easily still hot!

The first evening I socialised with a Frenchman (retired from French secret services), I met at Paris airport as he was taking the same connection flight: kind of aventurer wanting to mix happy life , business and humanitarian. He conveyed me to eat lobsters in AMBATOLOAKA –main seaside resort for sea sex and sun- with a malagasy associate (protestant priest) and two young Frenchmen who had done humanitarian in central Madagascar during several weeks to whom he had paid the trip to work for him. It was Saturday night and we passed in front of a disco full of girls: young peasants, of course sometimes too young, but opened to everything for a little “gift”: maximum 5 €/8 € a night or a soap, shampoo... all the things which girls may dream of in one of the poorest country of the world!

In fact I wanted to explore globally NOSY-BE and then leave to DIEGO. My target was not to have sex with many girls but to find a nice girlfriend to share my holidays with. On the contrary, the next day, I met three retired REUNION Frenchmen in their 50/60s who had come for a fortnight with target to have as many experiences of sex as possible. Also no probleme for them! I met them afterwards in DIEGO and have dinner together with their night girlfiends and my permanent one. They were fond of disco and dancing. Frankly speaking I do not like dancing and discos might be only a transit place to pick a girl for me.

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My permanent girlfriend was saying: “many maquerelles in DIEGO”. She meant “many prostitutes”. She has disdain for prostitutes. She was with me more in the situation of a “mistress” or a “courtisane” who is fed and shares flesh pleasures than in a prostitution situation for money with or withiout pleasure. I also met another Frenchman of Paris who had local malagasy connections bringing him girls of various ages, whom he liked to video.

I stayed around three days in Hell-Ville to admire local scenery, chose my hotel for more thorough visit when back from DIEGO. I found a nice pastry/Internet shop (the only one Internet connection in the island at that time!) in front of which people were walking. I observed two girls passing one way, of which one had great physical attraction to me. When they came back I just asked them if they would accept a drink with me. They immediately agreed. One was very talkative and looked too professional to me.

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The second, I targeted, completely quiet and speaking no French was my choice. After drink, around 6pm, I went in my hotel direction and told to the talkative girl that I wanted her friend alone. She resisted a little as she would have like to be in the party, but I refused. I had sex with the quiet one, with no resistance but frankly, she had no interest in me. I fucked her, but it was just physical as she remained dry. She declined to have dinner with me. She wanted money. I gave her 10 € (in Francs malgaches as there is no blackmarket and local money is normally used).

Next day I left to DIEGO SUAREZ (ANTSIRANANA in malagasy, but everybody kept the French name). One day trip by small motorboat (30 mn) and 5 hours crowdy minibus (they do not leave from intermediate towns since the minibus is not full... and when I say full... it is full! I had boked in the best hotel of DIEGO (about 30 rooms) Hotel Colbert (35 €). But you find correct rooms with shower and aircon in DIEGO around 15 € especially in the chinese area (I recommand Paradis du Nord for smaller budgets, with which I planned my excursion at Mont des Français and Parc de la Montagne d’ambre (excursions –in 4X4- are expansive around 50/60 € for one day... to be shared up to 4/5 people but not in my case as there was no tourists)
–French friends from LA REUNION were too active with girls and had planned only girls budget. One single tour costs a full week of debauche with girls!
Compared to what was written in guides: DIEGO was still very quite. Only one disco was in action... but it was enough, considering that less than a dozen of tourist “vazahas” were in town. I imagine that it is more active now. However we had no difficulty to find girls.

In line with my plan, I wanted an attractive girlfriend. In fact, I prefer to chose by daytime as night make-up is sometimes confusing and as I said I am not fond of discos, only of girls. The first night, just after trip from NOSY-BE , I walked and found the city very quiet.
The next day I visited the past French colonial city area and I had in mind to find my girlfriend. My idea was to go to Alliance Française with the idea to find a nice student escort girl wanting to improve her French. Unfortunately it was still holidays period. I had smiles of various girls –obviously too professional.
It was around 6pm; sun had started to decline... and I crossed a nice chick as I love them: nice smile, sparkling eyes, small tits, attractive buttocks.

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She observed that I had looked at her, after she passed, I turned over, she also turned over; we smiled eachother; I came to her to ask her if she had time for a drink. She said immediately “yes”. We went to the nearest bar (empty and dull!) but we strated to enjoy conversation together.Her name was Lydie. She was 19 (checked as I might check on her ID she passed to me for travel reasons some days later). Ethny: sakalava (i.e. with relatively black skin, even if still bright compared to Africans.) She started by explaining to me in broken French (she spoke French with very local accent I tried to improve it afterwards between French kisses: on the French sentence: “je veux manger du zébu” as she was always using “zzz” and “ou” instead of “j” and “u”)

So from her broken French I understood that she had just had a French boyfriend during 2/3 months with whom she had travelled to ANTANANARIVO, called Benoit and wanting –as he said- to bring her to France, maybe to marry her, and to do business with her (afterwards she showed me papers collected at French Embassy). This Benoit was 36 and was supposed to come back for import/export business. She was angry against him because she was expecting phone calls from him on her mobile phone and received none (as when back in Paris I tried to reach her, it never worked and believe thet there was no more subscription card paid).

One of her first words was: “I love life”, she repeated several times.
I understood rightly: “I love sex”.

After this intoductory drink for her to explain to me her turmoil about Benoit and her appetite for life, she agreed immediately to have dinner together. I chose an italian restaurant near Hotel Colbert. As from this moment I get convinced she would behave exactly as I wanted.
I asked her to chose her dishes. She said “no”: “You are the master, you chose for me”.
I already imagined the same devotion in bed!
Useless to say that after dinner, she came immediately to spend the night with me in my nearby hotel.
She had a nice cunt and I confess that I am very fond of cunnilingus. She was not disappointed and enjoyed sex with happiness with me. Same next morning.

Of course she did not ask for anything or money.

Accordingly, the second day, I made a new test. I wanted to visit the market and shopping area of the city, I had not seen the previous day. There was a lot of garments, jeans, girls products... she never asked me to buy anything; and even did not show any behaviour suggesting that she would like that or that. I bought nothing and she enjoyed just to be with me.

I definetely concluded to offer her to be my girlfriend during the next 15 days to come. She agreed. I told her that I wanted to visit DIEGO area and that afterwards I would go to back with her to NOSY-BE. She loved the plan. In fact she loved everything I asked for. She went home to get her belongings (bath suit etc...) and she had definiteley become my escort for day and night.

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At this season DIEGO is very windy.
I also found RAMENA beach (moreover far from DIEGO) very dirty (of course with girls proposing “massage” everywhere... my French friends from LA REUNION were tasting all “massages” but on the other way were a little jealous of my excellence to select my faithful beauty )

As I preferred NOSY-BE beaches, I just made local tours –alone with my escort because of no tourists situation- to Parc de la Montagne d’Ambre and Mont des Français (2 different days). Really worthwhile! And my escort costed nothing –except expansive park entry- because in any case I had to rent the 4X4 and guide for me alone!

Then close to eachother in the minibus, we travelled to NOSY BE .

We stayed first at hotel “Residence d’AMBATOLOAKA” (around 25 €) per night with aircond; shower; toilet. Good adress. The restaurant is especially good. And the couple of Frechmen managing the Hotel very helpful and pleasant. They organise tours to NOSY-TANIKELY (where we went twice for me snorkeling- my young beauty did not know swimming) and NOSY-KOMBA ( lemurians animals; shopping nice table clothes).

Our usual day was:
-sex after waking up;
-sex at siesta time;
-sex after dinner.

Siesta time was the best. After lunch we were going back to our room and she had a very cheerful manner to introduce sex party. She lied on the bed, opened widely her legs, raising her legs, rolling on the bed, all that in laughing!!! I kissed her sex in long sessions. She loved that.
I remember especially one day she was very wet and I played with my finger between her sex and her ass. She enjoyed very much. I leave you imagine the end. We were as two loving birds (I remind you however that she was 19 and me 55!!)

Then we went for three night on another beach –the nicest of the island- but with few animation: ANDILANA. We stayed at the only hotel there: Hotel Belvedere: very nice decoration, no air cond as electricity is only produced by generator, but hilly wind. An Italian club (VENTA CLUB) was on the way to open subject to the road refection beacuse it was out of question to have a bus passing there: only remote French RENAULT 4L or Japanese old cars to slalom around the “nids de poules”.

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We went bathing, loving, eating lobster... all that in total freedon and no hassle.
Nowhere there is reprobation to travel with a local young girl. It is normal and everybody is happy.

Useless to say again that she was living with me but that I had not paid a single cent!

As I said at the beginning, and in spite of our temporary lovers status, malagasy women are easily jealous. We only had conflicts for jealousy reasons.
By chance I negociated to buy spices on the beach to a girl one day she was still in the room. She knew that girl and probably this girl knew of her past life... Benoit time or before, as she gave me no information on her life; my feeling is that Benoit was her first “Vazaha”... but she had malagasy boys before (usually when malagasy start to taste “vazaha” they do not come back to malagasy –one of my Paris girlfriend told me that only “vazahas” are doing cunninlingus she was fond of). She prohibited me to see this girl again. So I did. I might buy spices at the market! Another time she observed that my eyes crossed the eyes of the girlfriend of another “vazaha” who was staying in our Hotel . She knew that this Frenchman would leave before me. Maybe she was afraid that this experienced girl (older; around 25) tried to divert me from her. She scolded me. I told her that I did nothing bad: just say “good morning” to the girl when her boyfriend was not there. It was too much!
You see how jealous these little birds are when they want to keep their man!

Unfortunately she menstruated by the end of my stay and accordingly it became less pleasant.
However we continued to play sex.
A few days before I left, she just asked me oil for her hair –I bought.

She also concluded that I was nicer than Benoit as I did not smoke, did not like shit, or young girls as Benoit seemed to have interest in.

From DIEGO I started to tell her that it would be good for her future to improve her French by going to Alliance Française, as when she would be older she might have a job in some hotel or guide tourists. I am not sure she was really receptive to this idea. In fact Benoit had sowed the idea of her going to France and she was more attracted by that. However I encouraged her to stay in Madagascar as I was sure she would not enjoy life in a cold country , where people are very individualistic, without cheerfulness of friends in Madagascar.

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Cost of Alliance Française in DIEGO is 7€ per month.
By the end of my stay she started to tell me that her parents were very poor peasants, several hours walk from any road near AMBILOBE and that they hoped their daughter to bring them some money. I knew that “standard rate” was 8 € per day.
(I was told that the police enforced the practice to a young Italian some months before, who thought that having given pleasure during 20 days to a young malagasy was free of charge –as a European girlfriend; the girl complained to the police; for translation the police asked for intervention of a NGO Italian lady... who obliged her compatriot to pay threee times the rate!!! Bloody NGO women!)

As far as I was concerned. After 15 days together, with such a nice time together, I gave her 150 €. I emphasized –with few chance to be followed- that half of the sum I was giving was to pay her French course at Alliance Française during one year. She accepted disceetly the enveloppe. We had our last french kisses and she embarked silently, with her souvenirs and thinking to the next step of her life, on the motorboat back to DIEGO.
A few hours later, I was taking my plane back to Paris via LA REUNION.

I am convinced to have done a better job that any NGO by giving pleasure and direct money, without intermediary, to my splendid beauty who was a first class young escort.

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