Prostitution Report
from Maine

i second the notion for the danish health club. it does exist and has been around for years, has a fairly decent reputation and some of the girls arn't bad. the club is clean and not sleazy, the girls kinda look clean too, not sleazy. probably better and safer than anything you'd find in boston although i'm no expert. this is for those only that are in a pinch. or perhaps enjoy massage atmosphere (not particularly my taste). i have sampled this establishment maybe 3-4 times in the last 10-15 years(can't keep track). some of you guys will love this place, some will hate it. just remember it is there. i've read reviews here and elsewhere bout the danish health club and from those reviews i probably would be interested in visiting. but since i've already visited, seen it for myself, i probably will not return.

the goods: located 1 second off major rte 95 at the end of the huge green pistataqua (sp?) bridge is easy to find. also located on 1st floor of building that has Simply Italian (a vacant restaurant forever) on second floor, and is most noticeable.located on the waterfront of the pistataqua (sp?) river enjoys good views. but more advantageous, is on maine/nh border (maine side of course) and also approx 45 min from mass border making it easy for gentlemen from 3 states to partake in its offerings and still be home at a reasonable hour. greeter at desk always friendly, will explain costs and rules.

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locker rooms come complete with showers, sauna, steam, and jacuzzi plus a full array of toiletries to make yourself beautiful.ladies sometimes walk thru locker room oh so conveniently, (while i'm removing my clothes) and always smile and stare at you (just like i'd do if they were undressing). shower/dry off walk out of locker room and into living room with approx 5-10 ladies awaiting you (as i remember saturdays had most ladies).football game was always on the big screen (big plus).you choose the lady and she'll show you the way. i suppose the rest is up to you.oh yea, one more goody. the cops know bout this place and don't care, its been going on for years.

the bads: (my opinion of course) the babes you see at the begining and are staring at you and smilimg somehow dissappear or cant be found later. just back luck? somewhat pricey. $60 1 hr massage plus $120 tip for ful-serv (and this price was approx 5 or more yrs ago-dont know current rates). i can get a girl delivered to my door for $220, $20 being gas surcharge as of 3 months ago, was $200 for the longest time. damn the arabs. christ, it'll cost me $20 in gas to get there.never got a good massage. these broads stink at it and make no effort to get better. at one point a girl had baby oil and baby powder on my back making a mucky mess, i mean why bother. if your just blowqueens start sucking my dick, that'll make me feel good. you slopping pancake batter on my back doesnt make me feel good.the #1 most uncomfortable thing about this place. you walk into the living room full of ladies, they look at you, maybe say hi then glance away back towards tv silently. you sit with only towel on in chair wondering why your paying alot of money and things look like they're not going your way. (i want chicks making an effort)

there is that stupid silence going on that i know i cant break comfortably. girls commenting on football makes me more embarrassed to jump into conversation. girl comes over and asks if i would like tea, coffee or orange juice. oh yea 1st time there, it was me and another man (stranger) sitting in that living room with towels on. he gets oj-she returns later with a dixie cup of oj for him. i'm laughing cuz its sooooo stupid. if i ever go back maybe i'll try viagra-exctacy cocktail, or maybe lsd-viagra so i can just laugh and get along in this fucked up place. you really need to laugh in this place and have a good time or you feel stupid. i just have to get up choose a girl and break to massage room as fast as possible. i hate that living room.

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the black couch. in the living room there's the couch the girls sit on, it is very, very soft. so soft that the girls sink deep down into it. bottom line, you'll have no idea how big there asses are til they get off the couch. i fell for the couch trick more than once. 1 girl had the awesome upper body and face so i chose her only to find out her disproportioately huge ass was sunk and hidden deep down in the soft black couch. when she stood up i felt so stupid. i wanted to exchange her but didnt know what to say, it's almost as if i had to come up with an excuse that would please the whole room full of ladies, and i was blank, so i stuck w/the fatty 2 shoes and just got head.

make sure you get the girl you want. i dont remember if i ever got the girl that i wanted. [of course alot of these mistakes was cuz i was a newbie and didnt/couldnt control the room, which is what i'd do now.]full-serv is on massage table, very uncomfortable for sex especially if you got bad knees. i usally got head from the girls cuz i never felt attracted to any of them to get more. as stated above never got my type. i'm not saying thr girls arn't attractive, i just woulnt get my gfe here folks, more like decent service that gets the job done.

the only time i got to choose a knockout from the living room, she ends up being a drag and lil crazy too. shes strawberry blonde w/all the body. her face boobs ass and legs and tan are unbelievable, bodacious and voluptuious. i'm convinced, i'll fuck her. we go in massage room and she starts off kinda sweet telling me she enjoys apple picking on sunday morn. and other things that sound so maine like and wholesome. she tells me she has a boyfriend and he doesnt know of her job. i listen and comment. i tell her how nice her tits are, and are the real? these things are big and solid. she insists they're real and starts criticizing me(acting like a dumb cunt). then saying there'd be scars if they were fake. well this was years ago when enhancement wasnt so popular, so maybe so thought she could get away with her lie. like i really give a fuck.

the truth was there were little inch scars underneath, she just didnt realize i could see them tucked in the crease at the base and hidden by the large breasts. instead she wants to make me look like an ignorant asshole (glad i paid for this). heres the good part, her no stop talking changes to her staring at the ceiling (face scrunched up) having an argument with someone (from the story i guess-not really listening-but now just observing her craziness). once again i have to deal with her proving how right she is bout something that happened between her and someone else in the past, as she gets more adiment and animated. the ceiling as i guess is the other person and dialogue is in 3rd person(?) not sure. also not sure how it ended, but i seem to have a long hard stare that intimidates many(not intentional on my part,its hereditary). time to shut up.

now its time to fuck. she tells me missionary, shes not in the mood to ride the(whatever she said.) bad attitude/big mistake. i climb on the most bitchin babe i've seen in awhile, stick it in her, and she's givin me instructions. i tell her to lay back (as she does), and she starts enjoying really heavy. i pump her bout 10 times shoot my load(after all i paid for it) and get up to leave. she makes a few negative comments (since she didnt climax) in which i reply its not her looks infact she could be in hustler easily and playboy with some more aerobics training. i tell her its not my porformance cuz somrtimes i like to go 20-30 minutes, just not today. the problem is i cant stand listening to her and tell her so. for once in this hour long session she feels bad, not me. i also tell her its ok to be a little crazy just dont show it, especially to 1st timers.

then tell her the apple story was good, yelling at ceiling was not. she starts feeling horrible and asks me to come back and she'll make it up to me. i say no. telling me she likes me and doesnt like her boyfriend and to comeback and get to know her. i say no. then desperately tells me she'll meet me for drinks sometime and do i want her number. then walks me back into locker room one more final attempt that many would have considered (i'm stubborn and didnt). finally a kiss on the cheek in front of my locker and goodbye.

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