Prostitution Report
from Malaysia

I ended up in Penang by dint of failing to get a visa to Burma (see report), having read the reports I wasn't overly hopeful but hey, God loves a trier. Anyway booked into a large hotel out on the beach front, this is a mistake as it's far from the town. About $40 a night, it has a lovely view but a little bit shabby.Anyway arrived at eleven on Sunday night so I just went down to the bar for a few drinks and get some info off the bar staff. The place was empty and the bar men had little information other than the names of a few nightclubs in Georgetown. Next morning decide to get a taxi into Georgetown as I waited I chatted to the doorman a friendly chap in his early thirties who offered to accompany me into town that night. I refused politely as I prefer to do my hunting alone, but said I would see about the following night.

As the taxi drove into town along the coast road I was reminded of Nasau Bahamas; a strip of modern hotels along the shore then a somewhat run down former British colonial town. It was all there right enough the fort with guns facing seawards, the dinky little town hall and courthouse and elegant colonial style hotel in the town centre. The Brits never varied the pattern much did they? Anyway it made for a pleasant stroll and a chance to find the clubs I heard about the night before, they are located around the City Bayview hotel. Not too easy to find a beer in the afternoon though.What concerned me about the similarity to Nassau was of course that as any monger knows the only reason to visit there is to go to the Cubana office for the daily flight to Havana, so I feared the worst.That night I went to Carmen club in City Bayview not a bad crowd, not a bad band but not much of a scene. There certainly were a few beautiful girls who seemed like they might be in the game but I just wasn't sure and they did not seem keen to enlighten me. Incidentally I was the only westerner, the rest were Chinese and Japanese. I then went to Slippery Senoritas then to the Bungalow, the scene was just the same.

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Next day I find a bar in my hotel which actually served beer in the afternoon and watched a recording of some football on the TV. I was then joined by the doorman who asked me how it went the previous evening. After I explained he offered to join me again and this time I accepted he told me he knew where I might get some action. He then went back to work but then something remarkable happened, a car pulled into the car park and out stepped a not unattractive Chinese girl about twenty seven who smiled as she went in to order a lunch to take away. As she waited she came over and sat down, she asked me was I alone and said she worked in an office down the road and that she was in a bit of a hurry but gave me her number and told me to give her a call. Her lunch arrived, she got into her car, waved, tooted her horn and drove off. Wow that was easy, so there's life in Penang after all, this was not arranged by the hotel staff by the way.That night the doorman and his mate joined me in the Irish Bar (the Shamrock), we had a laugh and drank beer, he then offered to take me to a karaoke bar to meet his cousin a thirty somethig divorcee with a fine body apparently, I was a bit unsure about this as I was still in a mind to call the office girl but agreed anyway. We got on their motorbikes and went to the bar, a tatty but friendly place in some back street and I met his cousin, she was medium height, of mixed Portugese/Indian parentage, she certainly had a fine figure and wasn't bad looking I suppose for her age (37 like me). Well we all ordered beers and sang some karaoke songs badly and got along like a house on fire. Eventually I asked her to come back to my hotel but apparently the mamasan would not allow it.

Instead we went upstairs to a private room but she told me that strictly speaking there was not supposed to be sex up there but she would go for it if we payed off the barman 50 Rgts (about $10) we had no condoms but swore blind she was clean so we got right down to it on a couch against a door to stop anyone coming in. I have to say it was all jolly good fun and she got a little carried away giving me a couple of love bites which she apologised for later. I gave her 100 Rgts and rejoined the boys below.We continued drinking till two when I insisted on paying the bill; the last of the big spenders me. She turned out to be a lovely lady and I enjoyed her company, she seemed a bit of a beginner at the game.

Well the boys and I left and they were deeply offended when I suggested getting a taxi, they insisted on taking me on their bikes back to my hotel! Bear in mind it was eight miles away and we were plastered as all get out, so I wasn't keen but they insisted so what the hell, death would be swift but hopefully not too painful! It was fun roaring up the highway I suppose and when we got to the hotel I offered something for the petrol or whatever, but no they were almost offended at the suggestion and drove off for more boozing I think, they were definitely party boys.I left Penang next day and am now in BKK trying to make another attempt at a Myanmar visa, don't know if this is at all helpful but I thought I would put it on record.

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