Prostitution Report
from Maryland

Was in Ellicott City, MD and stopped by Hana's Spa on Corporate Ct., just off of Rte. 40 and Pine Orchard. Hadn't been there in almost a year so thought I'd give it a try. Mamasan didn't want to give me a choice of girls and wanted the money first. I told her no and she came back a minute later with a late 40-ish woman who could star in a horror movie. I hastily left. Still wanting a little hand action, I stopped by Lily's Spa in Laurel, MD right over the Howard County border at 10119 Washington Blvd. (Rte. 1). It's situated in a little strip mall just past the Valencia Motel going north on Rte. 1. Haven't been there in 8 months. In the past they wouldn't let me meet all the girls, but last night were more accomodating as I got to see 4 of the 5 girls before making my choice (overheard the one busy girl in the next room telling her customer, "C'mon baby, cum," to the sound of a fast, sloppy motion as she wacked him off). I chose Cherry, a long-haired woman of around 30 wearing a pink dress. Small, firm tits, small nipples, long, straight hair, tanned body and a row of about 7-8 old burn marks on her left forearm.

Could be from an old pimp back in Korea. Paid her the usual $40 for 30 minutes. She gave a mediocre massage, flipped me over and said, "You know what you gotta do, right?" (tip) I nodded and she let me pull her top down and play with her ass. Cherry has a real sort of wild, wicked look to her face. She did teasingly talk really dirty, if you are into that. To make a long story short, her HJ technique wasn't too good and it was taking me a long time to cum. Surprisingly enough, she didn't complain about the lack of time as a lot of massage girls do. Instead, another woman of about 40 (nice looking) came in and started helping her finish the job! Her (name is Mia I think) technique was rushed too but I got to play with her tits as well. Mia's were much bigger but softer and their whitish color was a nice contrast to the darker colored tits on Cherry.

Cherry kept trying to jam her finger up my ass while Mia jacked me off, to which I put a halt. Now the second woman starting talking dirty too, saying shit like, "Cum on my face baby!" After a few minutes I got off and the second lady disappeared. Cherry wiped me off, I tipped her $20, my standard tip, and left. Don't know if this is a new level of service or I was just lucky, but this was the best session I've ever had at Lily's Spa.

Went back to Lily's Spa this afternoon since I had a recent good experience. Chose a tall, mid-30s Korean with wavy hair just past her shoulders who goes by the name of Amy. Paid her $40 for 30 minutes. Her massage was very rushed and felt like she was jabbing at me the whole time. After only 10 minutes had me turn over and attempted a rushed hand job. I asked her to go slower but she just kept her rapid fire pace, then said "time's up" after I'd only been there 20 minutes total. I tried to protest to mamasan and got nowhere. Told her I'd post my experience on the 'Net so others would know. Avoid this bitch Amy like the plague. This place was unusually busy for a Thursday afternoon and all the girls were probably shaving time off the sessions. I definitely will not go back!

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