Prostitution Report
from Massachusetts

Massage Parlor: Matrix Service Provider: Brittany

SUMMARY Perfunctory service from a likeable but businesslike lady in a convenient suburban location, all at typical local prices.Brittany works at a massage parlor located downstairs in a suburban office building. They have another office in Quincy. I saw Brittany in December at Matrix' Stoneham location, which was rumored to be closed for a while but in any case is open as of March at the same location. I have not been to the Quincy (original) location. Stoneham is a strip mall location with professional massage facilities, 2-3 rooms with massage tables, a large waiting room, receptionist, brochures....all in all enough to make one nervous about the availability of extras. Being my first time I opted for the half hour for $50 rather than the $70 quoted full hour.

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Brittany is tall, 5 9 or 5 10, and solid/athletic but not overweight for her build. Certainly attractive enough if she's your type. Her personality was pleasant, likeable and easy to talk to. I had the sense she had learned how to do just enough to by but was not deliberately out to rip anyone off. The massage was minimal and seemed more like stalling for time than a serious or skilled effort to relax me. Even so, I sensed that nothing else would happen unless I initiated it. Nude reverse with h.j. was $60 and being a first timer I did not press negotiations. The panty hose stayed on around her ankles, which may have reflected a 1/2 hour level of service, but I think shows the minimal effort referred to above. I massaged her for perhaps 10 minutes but was discouraged from touching the kitty because it was "that time of the month". I think its accurate so say neither of us found it at all exciting, although she was complimentary about my massage technique, which is good for some points by itself. The h.j. was rough, hard, and fast, nothing sensual at all.

I rarely take half hour sessions as it is too rushed but in this case I doubt a full hour would have helped. While I liked Brittany personally, the purpose of these reviews is to describe the overall service, and in this case a pleasant personality was insufficient to make up for the shortcomings in the service. A good lay in Boston is Melissa (phone number 617-593-2472). She is about 5'11, blonde hair, nice tan, great body and a great set of natural 36-c. Nice ass (and she takes it up there too), $175 for the hour outcall ($250 for greek). I have seen her a few times and even showed her this site and asked her if it was ok to post her info and phone number. She gave me her consent. Comes dressed very casual (bell bottomed jeans etc) but will change into short skirts etc. if you request in advance.

Downside to Melissa...does not hesitate to get up in the middle of the action to take a phone call. She runs an agency and has 2-3 other women too. Smokes weed (and loves it). Asked me if it was ok to smoke some in my apartment after the session, which I declined and asked her not to either. She has introduced me to another woman (Katrina) who works for her too when Katrina came by to pick her up. Katrina is European and a little on the heavy side. I have not seen her yet, but maybe some day I will. Overall...Melissa has been a great experience so far. She is young, I think 21..loves sex, fucks a lot of men in a day and takes it up the ass too. Has a great body, nice long legs and great breasts. Her attitude is not unpleasant, but I feel she should refrain from taking calls during a session. Maybe I'll tell her about it the next time. If you do see her, tell her George from Malden finally put this info on this site. Who knows, she may decide to give me a freebie sometime.

I knew another woman, Crystal who worked for Broadway International escort service. She was nice in her attitude, had good oral skills, was cheap ($160) and very prompt. Not the greatest of lookers but not bad either. Unfortunately, she seems to have left that agency. Wish I knew where she now works.

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