Prostitution Report
from Mauritius

I only spent a few days in Mauritius 3/03, IMO one of the most overpriced, overrated and boring places on the planet. I could find no interesting action in Port Louis, the capital, even around the waterfront area at night there were just a couple of gangs of young Asian sailors roaming around looking for some action, but all I saw that were open were a couple of almost empty pubs and 1 or 2 rough looking hookers/ladyboys on the promenade. I tried Grand Bay but this is just an over-commercialized tourist trap with half-empty expensive restaurants, some boutiques, moneychange bureaus and tour agents. I went to a couple of discos/clubs but these again were almost empty (even at midnight) with a couple of mixed groups and one or two pairs of local women dancing with themselves and playing hard to get. They were accompanied by a local guy and seemed only interested in dancing. I even tried the local taxi drivers who couldn't come up with anything better, except another dark disco with a few unattractive whores (too rough for my taste). One taxi driver promised to hook me up with a local non-pro but never delivered on it. In short, one of the most dismal nightlife experiences I've ever had. The beaches are nothing special, the beach resort hotels very expensive, can cost up to 600+ euros a night. Mauritius is not a place for single men, just European couples and families on expensive package tours paying through the nose for the island's name and exotic 'tropical paradise' image (the reality is different). Save your money, bypass this soul-less place and go to Madagascar instead, you'll have much more fun at a fraction of the price (but take a French phrasebook if you don't speak French).

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