Prostitution Report
from Mexico

I left the house late around 1:00 pm. After a couple of stops arrived at the border around 4:00. Crossed the bridge and made a quick stop at Farmacia Calderon for a couple hits of the blue wonder drug. From here I drove to my favorite compound in Mexico. A fellow monger was in Tamykos so I stopped in and said a quick hello then went to the Hollywood Night bar and hotel to get a room. After checking into my room I drove over to Papagayos to visit with my friend who was there talking to his favorita. When parked I heard a yell and saw one of my favorite girls Lorena walking into boys town.

She yelled at me so I asked her to come with me while I said hello to my friend and fellow Boys Town Army member with his favorita. We spent a few minutes visiting but I did not come to Mexico to visit so I went to test drive the bed in my room at the Hollywood Night hotel. The test drive was very good as the blue vitamin I had taken earlier was kicking in. I spent about an hour and a half with Lorena and invited her to come stay with me all night. She said that she would but had to go do some things. I know this girl very well and she is always a lot of fun but one thing I have learned is that working girls are not dependable. I figured if she showed fine and if not, it isn’t a problem to come up with a backup plan. We had left it that she would meet me at Pimp Daddy’s around 10:00 PM.

I asked Lorena how much did she want for the time I had spent with her and she said whatever you want to give me. I told her I would give her a decent bit of money in the morning and gave her 30 dollars for the afternoon. She said fine and she would see me later. After Lorena left I went to Pimp Daddy’s and talked with Lupe the owner for a while and discussed the evening. He told me what had been going on and I told him that a few of my guys would be coming down for the evening and some more tomorrow (Saturday). By now it was around 7:30 so I left and went to Papagayos for a few minutes. I had seen the only girl I do in Papagayos in there earlier so I went back to see her. Whenever I go to Papas I know what I want so instead of buying the drinks and going through all of the BS I just go get my regular girl and take her to the room.

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My girl in Papas is named Rosario and she was the 1st girl that I ever did in Boys Town on my first trip there in August 2001. She is pretty, not great but gives great service and never rushes me. This is the 3rd time in about 2 hours so I know I am going to get my moneys worth here (thank god for Viagra). I finish with Rosario and pay her. I always give her 40 plus 10 tip and 10 for the room. This is a volume discount as I have known her for a long time. Most of the girls in Papas will ask 60 to 100 and the hot ones will not take les than 70. This is why I don’t care for Papas once it gets crowded. Anyway this is only my opinion the best girls can be found there but you can also find some gems if you go out and explore.

When I left Papas I went back to Pimps Daddy’s for a few more minutes then headed back to my room to take a shower. As I was leaving I heard someone yell “Beavis” only to look over and see “Borderjumper”. He had snuck away for a few minutes so we went back to Pimp Daddy’s, had a drink and talked for a bit. By now it is around 9:30 so I have just enough time to go shower and be back by 10:00 PM in case Lorena does decide to show up. I tell Lupe if she comes tell her to wait for me as I will be back shortly. Borderjumper leaves also so he drops me off at the Hollywood Night. I talk with Luis the owner of the HN and leave to go shower and change into the Beavis whore chasing clothes. Borderbanger is on the way so I call to see what is his ETA. He explains that he was caught in traffic due to a bad wreck in Austin and won’t be arriving until around 11:00 PM. I shower and go back to Pimp Daddy’s around 10:15. Lorena isn’t there and hasn’t been so I hang out and watch some of the girls dance.

After a while here I leave around 11:00 PM to go see if Borderbanger has arrived yet. As I am waling out the door I see Borderbanger so we return to Pimp Daddy’s. We stay here for a while then go on patrol. There are quite a few girls around despite it being around 30 degrees. The chicas are all standing around their buckets of burning coal hating the weather. As we make the pass down the last street several of the “trannies” are standing there dressed sexy as men can dress. It is quite humorous to here Borderbanger say “hola senor” as we pass these queer bastards.Borderbanger and I finally settle in the Marabu. BB leaves and does “Perla”

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and I take her pretty blond friend also named Lorena. Lorena would not let me take a pic of her but she is worth seeing. She is 29, very pretty with blond hair After I am finished with Lorena we go back to the bar. Shortly afterwards Borderbanger returns and says he had a great time with Perla. We leave Marabu and go to the Hollywood Night only to run into fellow Army Member “Chango” who has stopped by on his way to Monterrey. Beavis, Borderbanger and Chango go on patrol. We pass by every bar in boys own with the exception of the ones where the girls have dicks. We find several pretty girls in the lesser bars but continue to patrol. Finally from here we make our way into Tabu. Borderbanger finds a girl in here so we lose him for the evening but Chango and I continue to check it out. It is now around 2:30 AM and I am ready to wrap it up for the evening but figure I can go one more time (again thanks to the wonderful people at Pfizer). We pass by several girls with potential but this last one has to be a god one so I keep looking. I pass by and see my old favorite “Adriana” standing in front of her room. This is a no brainer so I tell Chango to meet me back at Hollywood Night in about 45 minutes. Adriana always gives me special treatment. She doesn’t want her pics on the net but those of you who know her don’t need me to describe her. If you saw a picture of her it really doesn’t do her any justice but she is without a doubt one of the sexiest girls there. Anyone who has seen her in the flesh will verify this. I finally finish with Adriana after a long time and several positions so I leave to return to my room. Chango had left his bag in my room so I went back to return it ti him as he was leaving for Monterrey around 4:00 AM. I return Chango his bag and call it a night.

The next morning just like on the calendar I wake to Borderbanger beating on the door. I shower and we go eat at Restaurant Principal. We spend some time around centro and after finding no action at the Herradura and El Rey return to Boys Town. We pass by all the bars and rooms and I see my girl “Lorena” from the day before. She is a great time so I invite her to come with me again to my hotel. We spend a couple of hours this time in my room and I am able to go twice again. I ask what happened the night before and she tells me she fell asleep. Maybe or maybe not but who cares. They are working girls so pay them to love you and tell them goodbye. Don’t ever get attached to one of these girls because maybe 1 in 1,000 you can change, the other 999 will always be the same. Once they have it in their blood it is there forever, or at least the 999 of them it is. Another fun session with Lorena and she tells me she will be there tonight. I tell her it is O.K. if she doesn’t want to come but says she will so again I tell her I will give her money in the morning. I give her 35 dollars and take her to Pizza Hut and buy her a 10 dollar pizza. I have 75 dollars invested her and have done her a total of 4 times in 2 days. She says she will be there at night for sure but at this point I don’t care. If she comes I will take care of her in the morning and if not it is her loss.

After Borderbanger and I take Lorena home we go to the Reforma Hotel to pick up KosherCowboy. The 3 of us go to El Rancho and eat a fine meal. We are sitting there ogling all of the girls as our Viagras we have taken start kicking in. After eating we return to Boys Town to shower. Beavis is still in charge up mode after the double session with Lorena in the afternoon but feels like action is on the horizon. I go to Pimp Daddy’s and meet Austinhodoggie who has been there for a while. I talk him into a session with Brenda.

Shortly afterwards KosherCowboy and Borderbanger show up so we leave to go look for JT. He shows and the 4 of us return to Pimp Daddy’s. Lorena hasn’t been seen so I wait until 11:00 and figure I got a good deal with her and write it off. JT hooks up with Lucero.The bar is busy so he has to wait a short while for a room. While he is waiting we all have a great fun picture taking session with Lucero.

Borderbanger leaves and finally settles with a cute room girl named Jessica and I go with a room girl I had done before named Sylvia. From here it is a continuous tour until we finally settle down in the Marabu. By now all Borderbanger and I are looking for is a quiet place to relax. The Marabu is always the best place for this. As we are sitting there JT makes his way in and hooks up with Perla. The two of them leave so Borderbanger and I make our way over to Hollywood Night. They have a few pretty girls.

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in there so we hang out for a while. A pretty girl named Dulce. comes over and asks if I will buy her a drink. I ask her how much for the room and she says 40 dollars. I tell her forget the drink let’s go to the room. This girl turn out to be the best lay of the trip. After I had finished she still wanted more so (again thank you Pfizer) I had to oblige this wonderful girl. This is the girl that gets the Beavis Award for the 2nd outing of the Boys Town Army. If any of you see this girl don’t hesitate to ride this. I promise if you do you will thank me. One word on Dulce “AWESOME”. I asked her to come sleep with me in my room when the bar closed at 5:00 AM. She said she would but just like Lorena I wasn’t sure. Of course she didn’t show but then again who cares.

I was awaken again by Borderbanger beating on the door around 10:00 AM. He had just returned from doing a room girl for 20 dollars and wanted to go eat. I showered and we rode around as I wanted to find something to knock out before leaving. I found a room girl and parked to walk over. As I was walking over a girl yelled at me in perfect English. I looked over and saw a pretty Mexican girl named Jennifer. Born in Mexico and grew up in California. She asked if I wanted company and after telling me 15 dollars we went back to the room I had left at the Hollywood Night. I had loaded all of my things but had not locked the room so I had it for another round if needed. I didn’t get any pictures of Jennifer because my camera was packed away but Borderbanger and JT saw her. For 20 dollars she was well worth it. Borderbanger, JT, and I go to centro and we eat at Restaurant Principal again. From here we leave to cross the border back to the US. 15 minutes it takes to cross. We are now home and planning next weeks assault. Nuevo Laredo will need to refurbish it’s supply of girls as we have put a hurting on them in the last month. We will hit Reynosa this Friday night and then cool off for a while.

I have been off since the 7th of December and will be returning to work on the 28th of January. My reporting duties from Nuevo Laredo will probably handed over to Army Members Borderbanger, KosherCowboy, Austinhodoggie, Mic Jagger, JT, and the rest of the Army. At this time I am scheduled to be in Veracruz, Veracruz for the next year so I will be able to check on the progress on my time off.

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