Prostitution Report
from Michigan

Hopefully to stimulate a little conversation here in Michigan, here is a review of my experiences on Ann Arbor. This is a just a general review, since I can't remember any names to correlate to any specific experience. This also just covers the massage parlors, and not any of the escorts working in Washtenaw county. I will include prices but they 5-8 months old so inflation may have kicked in. All have a 60 1 hr cost, but do advertise in various newspapers with coupons to reduce the cost 10-20. This doesn't include the tip which is specific to the spa.

Retreat Spa- On S. Industrial. Very fun place to visit. All the women are young and quite beautiful, and very forward. Usual session includes a very thorough body shampoo, with a quick sauna. Then with some heavy flirting tip is negotiated. Price here was 120 but probably has gone to 160 to equalize with my more recent experiences with similar spas. Then the woman will do some sensual massage, touching everywhere, then move onto foreplay, then a BJ w/o a condom, then move onto sex w/ a condom. Satisfying experience in general. The spa itself is clean, with solid core doors for each individual room.

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Pine Tree Spa-On Jackson Rd. Similar to Retreat, with similar lookin women. Was there more recently than to Retreat, so that's where my 160 tip comes from. Follows a similar pattern like Retreat, though on average I've had more fun here than at Retreat. I've occasionaly been able to get double sessions here, though costly, but very satisfying if you're up to it. It also doesn't feel quite as professional and business-like here. Also I have occasionaly found a woman willing to kiss which is a big plus. Physically, the place is clean, also with doors for the individual rooms.

New Tokyo Spa-On W. Liberty. Also similar to Retreat and Pine Tree in physical features of women, and how the process flows. It also feels a little bit more personal than Retreat. I've also had some unique experiences here, including a little two on one action for a part of one session, and missed opportunities of a free double session. Physically, this place doesn't look as nice as Pine Tree or Retreat. False walls separate the rooms, with a gap between the top of the wall and the ceiling. The room has a curtain rather than a door. It also has a tip of 160.

Kimono Spa-On Jackson Rd. This is where some difference start to pop up. The women are not quite as beautiful or as young as the previous three but still are fun. The big plus here is the tip is at 100-120, so the cost per session is dramatically reduced. They also actually give a massage, which is quite good. This place does look nice with doors.Golden Touch Spa- On S. Industrial. Also like Kimono in cost and look of the women. This one is the most recent to be opened, and has been somewhat in flux for some reason. It did for a time of extra services, the stopped, then recently started again, so I don't know what exactly is going on there. It also is a nice looking place but has curtains rather than doors.

Those are all the parlors in A2. It is a fun place to live, with a lot of choices. There are some escort services as well, so if you don't find Asian women attractive there are other choices. There is one other massage parlor at the A2 on Jackson Rd. I don't know if it is still open. It was called Paradise Found. The majority of its business is legitimite massage. But it does have a massage style called sensual massage. In that style, the woman dresses in lingerie and sensually touches you. They eventually expose themselves though I don't know how much, and will give you a HJ. I only used the place once. The woman I had was beautiful, but since it was my first time there, and to do it myself, though she did expose her breasts and let me kiss them.

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