Prostitution Report
from Minnesota

Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA) Report:

The full service joints that I have used in inneapolis are Tamara's Polynesian Escort (651-4879194), Tiffanys (612-5490925) and Night Lights (now called Tangerine, cant recall telephone number off hand, but see the Metropolitan Forum) and The Pleasurezone run by Lisa (this one is on the internet at's place has been going down, it is almost gone now. Tamara is by far the best available, but she is gotten kinda old too. They keep shifting location and charge $150 for the hour. What bothers me is that the girls are no longer good.

Tiffanys is run by Tiffany and Heather. Tiffany was earlier working for Tamara (2+ years ago). They charge $150 per hour too. Tiffany is blond, but has little sex appeal. But she is very enthusiastic and eager to please. Worthy a try. Heather (light black) is a bit colder, but nice too. The good ones are Cassie (slim, white and tall) and Vanessa (has a sportswoman body). Cheryl who worked for Tamara earlier is also working for Tiffanys now. She is blond. Tiffanys is by far the best value for money in Minneapolis. Night Lights used to be good. Tangerine is okay if you want a sure thing and have not planned for it. It is advertised as a body painting shop, but for full service, all you have to do is lick at the right place. Joanna (blond, C-cup) is probably the one I like most at Tangerine. It charges $150 per hour too.

The Pleasurezone is very expensive. There is an agency fee of $75 per hour. In addition, you have to pay $250 or thereabouts per hour to the girl. I tried Sierra (now she works for Foxy Ladies, Chicago as Morgan. Earlier she worked as a shot girl at Scheiks Place Royale, the downtown topless strip club). Morgan was nice. Her boobs sag, but she made up for it in friendliness. The other girl I tried was Courtney. She has huge fake boobs and is blond. She was very mechanical and just wanted to get over with the job. Avoidable.

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