Prostitution Report
from Missouri

KC and STL seem to be very dead in term of easily accessable action. If they have street action, it is probably too scary for most sane men.

However, Columia has had good MP action for quite awhile. The best, by far, is Lynn's. No pretense about a massage either. You pay $40 and get a room and discuss business. A very strange protocol. No words. Lady goes into a game of charades with appropriate motions. Sad to say that I have not been there in 14 months, so YMMV.

Cost was $140 for FS (do not count on BBBJ). Usually has decent ladies and an occasional knockout. Lots of turnover, but mostly white girls. Hard to find, but in the phone book. I did not pay for time, but for activity. I was never rushed, but then I usually got done in 30 minutes or less.Lots of asian MPs too. When I went, the ladies were tiny, flat and one looked about 14 (who knows, maybe she was). Some guys love those types, but they do nothing for me. I did not partake.In this part of the country, the cops/bible thumpers are always stirring up trouble, but Columbia seems to be under the radar.Ft. Leonard Wood used to have several MPs and even some white girls, but that was almost 20.Susan of KCMO was a treat! -- one I've not had the pleasure of in a long, long time; a "working" woman who actually cares! Totally attentive to my needs, my likes and my desires.

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I finally found the time to see her, and booked an appointment the other evening at her place. The view following her up the stairs was extraordinary! She was very business-like until the door closed…and then she turned on me…no wasted time discussing what was going to go on, or how it would happen; that all seemed to have been worked out prior to the meeting anyway. (By the way…she kisses like nobody's business!) She set in to teasing me in every imaginable fashion that I had ever thought of, and by the time she had my shirt unbuttoned, my little "friend" was in heaven.

Susan had briefly discussed her passion for oral prior to our meeting. However, it was my understanding she really enjoyed receiving. I was wrong! Her pleasure comes in "the giving!" (oh man!) I didn't argue with her more than a second. It was a real experience. It was MAYBE 5 minutes before I'd cum in her mouth and was saddened at the thought that this was the end of the ride. Not So! We spent a few uninhibited moments in conversation and caressing and then she took me in her mouth again, got a rise out my little "friend" and proceeded to take me in any position that I mentioned. It was the best hour I've had in a very long time. And it's true…she doesn't watch the clock - it was more like 90 minutes.

She's playful, intelligent, well spoken (a bit on the quiet side until she get to know you) and educated. She is a joy to be around and I would highly recommend seeking her company if you are in the Kansas City area.

Appearance: 10 (natural tits and "shaved" score highly with me!) Attitude: 10 (I'd give her an 12, but your scale doesn't seem to go that high) Aptitude: 10 BBBJ: yessirrebob! (weedoggies!) Would I see her again? ---the next appointment is already booked!

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