Prostitution Report
from Moldavia

Nevertheless I will try to give some usefull information to those who are planning to come to Chisinau/Kishinev.
First of all I have to say that the opportunities here are better than some of you might think. Even if the situation was much better a few years ago you can still find plenty of girls who do a good job for a low price. For short time you have to pay them between 10$ for one hour and 40$ for around 4 hours. Overnight it is between 40$ and 100$.

Most of the girls I met did a good BBBJ, some of them even swallow. Almost all of them allow (and enjoy) anal session also. The girls featured in the pics below I found from newspaper ("Makler"). They usually work together but you can order them also alone. They charge 10$ a hour without clocking you. Both do excellent BBBJ and especially the black one is a great fuck.As I will stay in this country a few month more I hope to see some of you here. I can help to find cheap accomodation (around 40 $/night) and can show you the hot spots.

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