Prostitution Report
from Mongolia

Well, it seems like here is no info about Mongolia. There is 3 ways of prostitution in Mongolia...

1. Prostitutes in discos. Legends disco - 5th floor, Chinggis Khan hotel Girls from ages 18 - 28, price 70 - 120USD working hour 9pm - 1am. Lion bridge disco - Just behind the Lion bridge girls same as legends disco, but very few. price 50-100USD working hour 9pm - 3am.

2. Street prostitutes.It's mostly front of the Ulaanbaatar hotel. But nowadays some of them moving to behind the Stock Exchange House. girls from all ages. ugly to nice. most of them got STD. prices are cheap, 5 - 15 USD per hour. 15 - 25 per night.

3. Girls in small barsWell many of the bars in UB has given to chance to make a "girlfriend". Mongolian girls are really loves to dance. If you had good look and good talk to girl you can have the girl after disco. of course it's free except some money for drink.

and that's all by now. good luck people.

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