Prostitution Report
from Morocco

I’ve just returned from a 10-day trip to Morocco, which was my first trip to this country. Therefore I am far from being an expert on Morocco. Yet I think I’ve seen enough to be able to say something meaningful about the prostitution scene in Morocco. But every word I write in this report is merely my impression and opinion only!

Why did I go to Morocco? Because I had some spare days and from Western Europe (where I live) Morocco is an easy and cheap trip AND because all Moroccans I know of like to tell about the great prostitution scene in their country. I had never a reason do disbelieve them, because Morocco is regarded as a liberal muslim country (Indonesia is also a liberal muslim country and surely great for mongering) and one time I have met a beautiful Moroccan prostitute in my country who had told me she had worked in a brothel in Morocco before. So obviously there was a great brothel scene in Morocco waiting to get discovered. From the reports on WSA and from what the Moroccans were telling I understood that this great scene was not to be found in the cities and the places where the tourists go: it was hidden in some small Berber villages in the mountains. Now was the time to go and look for it. In fact, while traveling in Morocco I often felt like the married couple Wassons searching for the magic mushrooms in rural Mexico in the 50’s. It was definitely quite an adventurous trip and therefore I did enjoy the trip, despite of the fact that I haven’t managed to find the ‘magic mushroom’ I was looking for.

Morocco is a very cheap and comfortable country. At the time I was in Morocco, in the second half of December 2002, 100 Dirham (DRH) was about 10 US-Dollars. You can get decent hotels from about DRH 100 (the cheapest ones of around 50-70 DRH only provide shared toilet and shower) and decent food from about DRH 20-30 (lots of tajines, brochettes, pizzas and hamburgers/sandwiches available). You don’t need to bring cash or traveler cheques nor do you need to send letters by airpost to your home front: Morocco has lots of ATM’s and internetcafes in virtually every town on the map. There are a lot of types of transportation available: from the level of traveling across the country to the level of traveling locally you probably will need airplane ((inter-)nationally), train, bus, grand taxi (an old Mercedes which takes off when their are 6(!) passengers) or a petit taxi (small Peugeot) inside the cities. Morocco is great for buying cheap (illegally copied) music-CD’s: DRH 30 per CD (DRH 13 per cassette) in Casablanca.

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When it comes to culture/women in Morocco you need to know two things about the country. First thing is that Morocco is a Arabic country, which means that Arabic is the official language, even although the indigenous people, the Berbers, speak their dialects of their Berber language and the other Moroccans speak a Moroccan dialect of Arabic. But don’t panic right away: French is widely spoken and understood as well, but especially among educated people, so the level on which prostitutes are able to communicate in French varies a lot. English is hardly spoken nor understood though. The second most important thing you need to know about Morocco when you go there is that almost all people in Morocco are faithful muslims, so expect to encounter strong muslim believes and traditions everywhere. Is Islam good or bad for us mongers? Well, it depends on the specific local culture, because in some countries the interpretation of Islam is good for mongers, in some it is not. For the Moroccan interpretation of Islam on this subject, see THE PROSTITUTION – THE CULTURE. Morocco is regarded a liberal muslim country, but like the word ‘safe’ in ‘safe sex’ the word ‘liberal’ is to be taken relatively. Liberal means relatively liberal in some aspects when compared to the orthodox Arabic muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia. I found that Morocco is merely liberal in regards of the emancipation of women: in Morocco women appear to be very westernized and emancipated. For more on this subject, see THE WOMEN. I found the Moroccan people generally to be very friendly. But be aware that there are also a lot of hasslers and hustlers around who also act in a very friendly way, especially in the areas where a lot of tourists gather (Medinas!), but although they can be persistent in trying to lurk you into spending money on them one way or another, they never got aggressive and I found that if you stayed friendly all the way they would stay friendly all the way too. Morocco generally is a safe country. Yet there is some peculiar kind of aggressive element evident in Moroccan culture: you will frequently notice men angrily shouting, calling names and even slapping other people’s faces just everywhere. Where people in SE-Asia seem to learn to never show their anger, where people in our western countries learn to be assertive without getting aggressive, in Morocco it seems to be socially accepted when you show some aggression in order to express your emotions. It never goes beyond shouting, calling names and slapping faces, but for westerners this behavior will be very provocative or rude in the least. Westerners are less likely to receive this treatment though. Perhaps some elements of this “cultural aggression” lie underneath the very persistent way of begging and bargaining though as well: you will find that Moroccans don’t easily take a no for an answer. All in all my impression of Morocco is quite similar of India: the same kind of distinctive, colorful and traditional culture with similar type of scattered extreme poverty, traditional clothing and way of life as well as similar persistent, moneysucking attitude towards westerners.

The Koran states that “a good woman is obediant and invisible” which seems to be the main source of the “oppression of women by Islam” or at least the reason why in most Islamic countries women must stay at home and can only leave home when they have to and when they have maximally covered their bodies. Contrarily to the orthodox teachings of Islam, Moroccan women obviously don’t need to be ‘invisible’, for you will see lots of women on the streets and they also even generally dress according to the latest western, sexy fashion instead of wearing the traditional Islamic veils, particularly the young women. As a result (?), Moroccan women are allowed to drive cars, have jobs and make careers as well. In Morocco it is also no problem for men and women, who aren’t married or family related, to chat up with each other (they actually seem to love this!). Moroccan women are often beautiful. Remember, Morocco is a ‘neighbor’ of Spain and Portugal geographically and although there are some kind of distinctive Arabic and Northern African features in Moroccan people, the Moroccan population basically shows the same kind of mixture of Mediterranean/white and African/black people like e.g. the Brazilian population does. In my experience about 80% of all Brazilian women and about 40% of all Moroccan women are overweight though, so I think that the Moroccan women are generally a little more attractive than the Brazilian women. But I don’t think that you are likely to gonna have sex with one of these beautiful Moroccan women. Although a lot of Moroccan women show interest in the male tourist (they tend to stare and giggle and sometimes they even start a conversation), I guess they are not easy to get laid at all, but I don’t know for sure, for I didn’t try.

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I found that the relatively liberal muslim attitude in Morocco is all about the women enjoying a great deal of liberty in Morocco. Moroccans appeared to be very faithful people who take the Islam as their religion very seriously though. Alcohol is still prohibited (only some bars, hotels and restaurants are licensed to sell alcoholic drinks) and unfortunately prostitution is deeply frowned upon and probably illegal as well. Although you can generally find some prostitutes inside a couple of bars and hotels in the cities, I found that the number of these establishments and prostitutes is very small and that these establishments are obviously the most louche in town. I found that in everyday Moroccan society prostitution is not accepted nor tolerated at all! In most countries, including some Islamic countries, it is no problem to ask a taxi driver if he knows a brothel, but not in Morocco! I asked a couple of taxi drivers (in big and small towns) and they were all totally shocked and I’m actually still happy that they didn’t respond by immediately beating me up or dragging me to the nearest police station. Another example: one time I took a prostitute to my hotel, because I’ve read on the board that you must book a room for her too in order to be able to get together. Well, the guy from the reception really got furious when the prostitute had entered the hotel. He obviously didn’t want any prostitutes inside of the hotel, no matter if she booked a room of her own! BTW, I found that hookers usually only were accepted in one or two hotels in all of the city (the prostitute will know). I had hoped that prostitution would be socially accepted in Morocco, but unfortunately it is absolutely not. I’ve been in Bangladesh, which is a country where women must stay inside their homes, can only go outside when there are fully covered in veils, where men and women are strictly separated in all public domains and where men can be lynched for only talking with a woman. Yet Bangladesh is way more liberal towards prostitution than ‘liberal’ Morocco: in Bangladesh there are several big red light districts where hundreds or thousands of women are working as prostitutes and I believe they work completely legally as prostitutes, you can also ask any taxi driver to bring you to a brothel without a problem, and I think that most hotels don’t care if you bring a prostitute (the hotel where I was staying actually asked me several times if I they could bring me a prostitute). The reason for this strikingly liberal attitude towards prostitution in generally very strict Bangladesh is very simple, I guess: Bangladeshi muslims believe that a good woman should be inside her home and not work as a prostitute (exactly in line with all muslim teachings), but like Mohammed believed in exceptions to the rule whenever the rule turned out unhealthy or inhuman for a specific person in a specific situation (for example: breastfeeding women were exempted by Mohammed from the obligation of fasting during Ramadan), Bangladeshi muslims seem to believe that it’s only human and in line with Mohammed’s teachings to allow some women to work as a prostitute, for example when the husband of the woman suddenly died and the woman and her baby are facing starvation when the woman, who don’t have a job, does not sell her body. Of course, Indonesia is even more liberal than Bangladesh and Morocco together: prostitution in every form and for whatever reason seems to be totally accepted and tolerated by all Indonesians. BTW, in all of the world, including Bangladesh and Indonesia, extreme-conservative movements which are not tolerant towards prostitution are gaining power rapidly, but that’s another story. From all this experience with liberal muslim cultures I had hoped that Morocco would be good for mongers as well, but as I suggested before, it is definitely not. Moroccans seem to interpret Islam in a typical western way: emancipation of women is good, prostitution is bad.

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In the cities there are several types of establishments where you may encounter one or two prostitutes: cabarets, bars, hotel lobbies and discotheques. I have no experience of the cabarets and only very limited experience of the others. It seems that only a couple of bars have some prostitutes, because in most of them I found only men. In some of the bars in central Casablanca I found 1 to 4 prostitutes from about 9 to 10 p.m. (the bars seem to already close at 10 p.m.) and in the lobbies/discos of some major hotels I found 5 to 20 prostitutes from about 8 pm to 2 am. BTW, in Morocco every woman in a bar doing nothing but drinking can be considered to be a prostitute. The quality of the available women is as low as the quantity. Most prostitutes are somewhat older (from about 25 to 50) and (really) fat. Occasionally you will encounter a rather good looking one though. But I found the attitude universally bad among both the bad and good looking whores: in my experience they were all very rude and moneyhungry. Every prostitute I met obviously only showed interest in my money and obviously didn’t give shit about me. Every prostitute I met begged for money, more money and even more money ALL the time: they demanded that I paid her drink, the drink of her friend, the taxi for her friend, her taxi, her sick father, the drink of another friend, her sick child, and so on and on (the begging and nagging really never stopped). Also they were 100% liers: every word coming out of their mouth was obviously a stupid lie and an insult to my intelligence. The Moroccan prostitutes actually made me start hating prostitutes! So obviously I didn’t enjoy meeting the prostitutes in Morocco. Therefore I have actually fucked only one whore in all of my trip: see MY SINGLE SEXUAL EXPERIENCE WITH A PROSTITUTE IN MOROCCO. Despite of my very limited experiences I am quite sure that the prostitutes in the cities in Morocco won’t have sex without condom: many will tell you they will go bareback (as they simply tell anything you want to hear), but from the experiences and conversations I had in Morocco I know for sure that at least EVERY prostitute in Morocco expects you to use a condom, which in combination with the very bad attitude means that IF it is possible to get bareback sex at all you are surely gonna pay A LOT of money for it (perhaps at least several US$100’s?). The prices the whores quoted varied a lot, from about DRH 300 by the average low class hooker in the louche bar to DRH 3000 by the hookers in 5-star-hotel Sheraton in Casablanca. But because the Moroccan hookers turned out to be actually more cheaters than hookers, you never know how much money you really gonna lose: in Morocco you always have to pay the prostitute upfront and like the prostitutes in Western Europe, the Moroccan prostitutes do take advantage of this. So after you have made your deal and paid the prostitute, the prostitute is very likely to break the deal and demand more money and/or provide very bad service. Moroccan prostitutes turned out to be even worse than the European prostitutes: every prostitute I met in Morocco broke the deal after being paid and refused to serve well and demanded more money during getting it on as well as afterwards. This kind of demeaning and frustrating business is exactly why I have turned my back to the prostitutes in Western Europe and therefore exactly why I will never return to Morocco as well.

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But from reading the reports on WSA I kinda already knew in advance that the prostitution in the major cities in Morocco was hardcore and not worthwhile: I was merely on an adventurous trip to find the ‘magic mushrooms’ in the hidden Berber villages in the mountains! I happened to had stumbled upon the names of two villages in Morocco in a newspaper in advance: ‘Aïn Leuh and Driouch. I had read that a lot of Moroccans went to these two villages to have sex with young women. When I was in Fes I met a “faux guide” (illegal guide) who was able to add the village of El Hajeb to the two other villages. According to him these villages contained huge red light districts in the centers of towns full of young prostitutes who would not charge more than DRH 50 (if they charged any money at all). The prostitutes would only accept muslims though, so I had to tell them I was circumcised and I had to wear a jellaba (a traditional muslim dress). So I bought a cheap jellaba (DRH 120) and went to Aïn Leuh. See what happened in the text below.

I spent three nights in Casablanca. I primarily looked for the street hookers in the center of town, but I didn’t find a single street hooker (I only found lots of drug dealers, beggars, criminals and other hasslers). I have been in about 7 bars which were promising because they had a beer sign outside, but only in some of them I found one or more (very ugly) prostitutes. One time I did see one okay-looking hooker in one of the bars, but another (Moroccan) man appeared to already pay for her drinks. I checked out the lobby/bar and disco (Ceasar’s) of Hotel Sheraton: quite a few prostitutes, some okay-looking, but outrageous prices (DRH 50 for a beer and DRH 1500-3000 for each of the women and most of these women were even ugly!).

I spent two nights in Rabat. I only checked out hotel Balima. About 10 prostitutes in the lobby around 9 p.m. All of them seemed to be in their 20’s. Only one showed interest in me, but I didn’t take the effort to get in contact with her (it is a little bit difficult to get in contact in a somewhat discretely way, because there are always Moroccan men hanging around these women). Around 12 p.m. there were about 10 prostitutes in the bar/nightclub as well. Only ugly ones, low class, very seedy (one asked for DRH 500, agreed on DRH 300, but we couldn’t find any hotel which accepted her).

I didn’t look for any hookers in this town.

I spent two nights in Fes. I checked out a “seedy” bar (seedy according to Lonely Planet), but I didn’t find any hookers. Only in the bar of hotel Sofia (seedy as well) I found about 8 hookers. None of them was really attractive and the most attractive one didn’t want to talk with me. Her friend showed interest though and for DRH 300 (she asked for DRH 400) we went to Hotel Central, which is the only hotel in Fes where prostitutes are accepted. The hotel charged DRH 200 (2 times the room rate of DRH 100) and the taxi driver who brought us there didn’t accept my D20 for the 2 minute ride (the regular price for such a short ride should be DRH 5) and demanded DRH 100. We argued a long time, but because this was a really cheap holiday anyway I decided to give in a bit and finally agreed on DRH 70 (ridiculous price anyway). In the hotel room she wanted the money upfront. She didn’t want to kiss and when she took a condom I told her that we had agreed on bareback sex. She said that she wouldn’t do anything without condom, not even a blowjob. Then I told her that in that case I didn’t want to go any further and that she should give me back the money. She said ok, but while she acted as if she was gonna take the money she suddenly ran out of the room. I could hear her running until she was out of the hotel. Why wasn’t I surprised that this happened?

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Aïn Leuh
This a little and very charming Berber village located in the Middle Atlas mountains. I spent two afternoons there. It can only be reached by car / grand taxi (I always took the grand taxi from / to Azrou for DRH 8.50; take note that after about 8 pm there are no taxis to or from Aïn Leuh anymore). According to all Moroccans this little village is full of young, beautiful and cheap prostitutes, but although I walked through all of this town very extensively for hours I found only two women who beckoned me to come inside. One, who was an older woman, was shocked when I asked the French phrase “parlez-vous français?” and didn’t want to have anything to do with me since then. The other one I found outside her home in a totally different part of town. Inside she appeared to hardly speak any French, but finally she understood that I didn’t want her and that I was interested in meeting other women. She went and brought back another girl, which actually looked quite good and spoke French well too: Hayat. Read beneath what happened then.

El Hajeb
A village between Azrou and Meknes. Should be full of prostitutes as well, but despite walking throughout the (quite extensive) town I didn’t find a trail of prostitution anywhere. When a young man begged for D50 (he said he wanted to buy cigarettes) I thought: perhaps this man is willing to bring me to a brothel in order to get the DRH 50, and he replied that he was. When we had walked for a while he said that he wouldn’t show me the women if I didn’t give him the DRH 50 now. I expected him to run away after I paid him, but because I was sure that I wouldn’t find any hookers without his help, I gave him the DRH 50. And I was right: he immediately ran away with the money…

A town in Northern Morocco and should be full of prostitutes too. I found the town very depressing: there were only muddy roads, very large empty squares and a lot of garbage everywhere. People spoke better Spanish than French here. Some spoke a little Dutch or German as there are a lot of returned emigrants here. But again I didn’t see anything that looked like prostitution. On the way back to Fes the bus had a technical problem: we had to wait for 6 hours in the middle of nowhere. When we finally were on our way again, the bus was stopped three times by the police who checked the bus for drugs (there is a lot of kif and hashish produced in Northern Morocco).

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When I was introduced to Hayat, she talked business right away: how much did I pay for sleeping with her? I had heard that Moroccans pay about DRH 50, so I thought that DRH 100 was a good price, which was accepted. I can’t remember who I paid the DRH 100. The girl who introduced Hayat also wanted money: I gave her DRH 20. I didn’t expect the prostitutes in this kind of isolated Berber mountain villages to be condom-conscious, but she definitely was: she wanted to take and use a ‘capote’ as she called it and only after I assured her that “je n’ai pas une maladie”, she accepted sex ‘sans préservatif’. The sex turned out to be really good: she french kissed and had a tight, ok-body with a shaved pussy and rather big tits. She didn’t ask anything about my religion, but because I didn’t want to take the risk of getting rejected when she would find out that I was not circumcised I decided not to offer her my cock for a blowjob and only under the sheets I took off my pants. We had passionate sex in several positions. She didn't want my dick into her ass though. Finally I blew my load inside her cunt which must have been a huge load (the production of four days!). During the love making I had told her ‘je t’aime’ which was nonsense of course (hé, I am a man, so what did you expect!). But I soon regretted this, because she kept talking about our mutual love: she wanted me to marry her and take her to Europe. But when I finally left she said that the DRH 100 I had paid was for the house only and that I hadn’t pay her yet. I felt somewhat cheated, but because the sex had felt so good and because she would probably be the only lover I could find in Morocco (she indeed turned to be the only lover I could find!), I again decided to give in. I wanted to give her DRH 100, but I had only a DRH 200-note left, so I paid her DRH 200. I told her I would come back the next day and that I would pay only DRH 100 then.

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The next day I returned to this house. The girl who had brought me Hayat before said that Hayat was out and that I should come back another time. I hoped I could find some more hookers in this town, but I didn’t find any more hookers. When I returned two hours later the girl told me that Hayat was actually out of town, but another (older) woman, who turned out to be the ‘madame’, told me that Hayat was in town, but then she asked me with some evident mistrust if I was circumcised. I lied that I was. Then Hayat was brought in (so the circumcision issue was an important matter for these people after all!). Hayat didn’t ask questions at all other than if I loved her and if I wanted to take her to Europe. I had another great sex session with Hayat. After some fucking I decided to try to get some blowjob anyway, so I shut off the light and offered her my dick: she refused and I wondered why (because of muslim believe or because she felt my dick was dirty from fucking her very wet and juicy cunt?). When we were done the older woman entered the room again. She wanted money for the house. She didn’t accept my DRH 50, but wanted DRH 100. When I had paid her DRH 100 she wanted more money but I refused. Hayat had told me that actually the money was split between the ‘madame’ and herself. But I felt generous and after the madame had left I paid Hayat DRH 100 as well. She was grateful for it and to my surprise she didn’t beg for more. All in all, Hayat had provided me a good experience.

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