Prostitution Report
from Nepal


Easy to find it in the massage places but the cops have been arresting girls so it may get tighter. There was an article in the paper a few days ago.Anyways went to Everest Trekking Massage mentioned in another post and Annapurna Heath Center Massage. Bargin hard! You can insist on massage for 500 R (1USD = 72 Ruppes) then they start out with outrageous numbers for goodies, but HJ is 500 and FS for 2000.Everest is on one same street as Kat Guest House near 3rd Eye rest. and Annapurna is in Thahity Tole/Square 500m south of of Thamel Chaowk. Get a map and work it out, it's easy.

Now the holy grail. I never found it but I quested. I was told by some folks I met trekking about a strip club caberet 10 min ride from Thamel where you can get to work on premise. These folks were not interested and ended up there because of nepalis they met, 1 owned the club. So this brittish woman is telling me girls dance on a stage on the upper floor in mini skirts and tops (don't forget it's Nepal) then you can dance with them on a lower floor with a disco. Pretty young girls were evidently hitting the man up with "you want come to my room, right now, right here?" They were told they were the first westerns EVER to go in the place.So they couldn't tell me how to find it or what it was called but I had a description. I asked a few taxis but communication is very hard. I thought I got luck once and I taxi took me to dancing girls club. Well it was called Bushulinga and it sucked! Two girls alternate on a stage, are fat, show nothing and if there was a way to get the hostesses to sleep with you I didn't see it. So I left after one beer.Someone pick up the challenge and find the real place.

Evidently from news article there are 4000 prostitutes in this small town. Massage experiences were just that. A barber told me massage in Pokara never includes sex. He told me about tea shops and stuff were he finds girls but with out speaking Nepali forget about it unless a friend takes you. I knew I could ask a txi to take me to some apartment that would have one girl (this is the usual set up) but it all just wasn't worth the trouble.

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