Prostitution Report
from Netherlands

I just had one of the worst hobby experiences in my life. With one of Amsterdam's window pros, I negotiated a price of 75 euros for a suck and fuck. She started me off with a pretty good suck (with condom). I told her I was ready to fuck, and then got on top. As I was entering her, she put one, then two hands around my penis, allowing it to enter her cunt only about halfway. I barely felt like I was inside. When I pointed that out, she removed one hand, only to replace it again seconds later. That wasn't sex, not as I know it.

I pulled out and asked if I could masturbate on her, and she gave me an aggressive no. She said I could only masturbate over her with the condom on. That, of course, wasn't even as stimulating as simply masturbating by myself without a condom. After a few halfhearted strokes, I told her it wasn't going to work, and got up to leave.I didn't leave it at that. I had no intention of asking for my money back, and I never did. But I did, however, tell her that I'd gotten next to nothing for my 75 euros. I didn't say it angrily, just with some annoyance. She got defensive and told me the problem was that I didn't know how to fuck. (I bet she flunked customer relations in elementary school, or whatever level it was that she dropped out.) But the worst was yet to come.After dressing, I made for the door. "This isn't your house," she said angrily. I didn't know what she was talking about. She said it again, then pointed to two paper towels crumpled on the night table next to the bed. "What about them?" I asked. "They're yours," she said. Huh? "You used them to remove the condom," she went on, "and they've got your stuff on them." I never came, and she knew it. But I threw one paper towel away and then tried to leave again, but she blocked the door.

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"Please move out of my way," I said, and tried to reach for the door handle. She pushed my hand away. Then we had an increasingly loud argument about who should throw out the second paper towel. I said I only used one paper towel, anyway, and I didn't know who the second one belonged to. It could've been another customer's. Besides, I said, I'd paid her 75 euros, the least she could do was clean up after me. I suggested if she was worried about there being any germy stuff on the paper towel, she could use a clean paper towel to pick it up and throw it away. She, on the other hand, kept insisting that I'd paid her only for a suck and fuck, not to clean up after us. She also would not step away from the door.I finally threatened to call the police, and made another attempt to pull her hand from the door handle and get out. This time, seething with anger, she screamed, "Don't touch me. Don't ever touch me!" And she held two fingers together over her head like she was a Kung fu master. When I pointed out that she'd touched me more times by pushing me and my hand from the door than I touched her (exactly twice, on the hand only), she ignored me. Apparently, it was only okay for us to touch when she initiated it.

I repeated my threat to call the police, as well as a threat to let other potential customers know not to visit her. I told her she was holding me illegally against my will. All the while, I had no intention of using superior physical force against her to push her out of the way and leave. The idea seemed even more ludicrous to me than the situation I was already in. Besides, I grew up with the idea that a man should never hit a lady, and in my mind that extends to never forcefully pushing one.After a few more seconds of standoff, she finally relented and opened the door, calling me a motherfucker as I hit the street. Sticks and stones, and all that. I was just glad to be out of there.

Here's the details about where and who to avoid:

She works on Stoofsteeg, a very short alley between Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Oudezijds Achterburg. ("Oudezijds" means "canal," I think, or maybe "old canal.") Her room is on the north side of the alley. She stands in one window of three that are side by side and all connected to the same room. I've seen her there both with one other woman and two other women, and they're usually talking.

Unfortunately, I forgot her name, perhaps because it was such a mean and terrible encounter. However, I do remember that her name is a Spanish name, and it ends with an "a." Also, she has a light olive complexion and speaks English with a Spanish accent. I guess she's South American.

She's very slim and small-breasted, with a narrow face and dark brown hair. She usually wears a bikini. I'd guess she's about 165 cm tall, but it was a bit hard to tell because she wore high heels. She shrunk quite a bit after she took them off.

That's it. In summary, she showed that she was not only a terrible lay but possibly psychotic. She was obsessed with not being the one to throw away the paper towels. The time she spent blocking the door was longer than the time she spent in bed with me. And she actually threatened me (though I don't know how seriously) with some kind of martial arts move, like maybe she was going to poke my eyes out.

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