Prostitution Report
from New Jersey

A nice concept. This is a massage parlour in Lodi (101 Terhune). On Thurs and Fri nights they also serve as a Go-Go. Last Friday there were 14 very attractive women dancing nude. There is a $20 fee at the door. They don't sell booze but you can bring your own beer. Heck, if you drink a 6 pack the difference in cost relative to buying beers at a go-go almost covers the $20 fee. The girls were hot. 7-9's and I don't give out 10s. They each danced nude for 2 or 3 songs and then they are available for nude lap dances at $25 or massages at $80 for toppless and $100 for nude, plus $20 to the house. I wasn't prepared for this and did not partake so I can't comment on how complete the service was or wasn't. I did do a satisfactory lap dance with a very hot woman who had acted in one of the Seymore Butts flicks. There was a small bit of pressure to do massages and/or lap dances but nothing agressive. They apparently have different girls from around the country. Here is the phone # 973-471-3182.

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