Prostitution Report
from New Mexico

Well, I've only been in Albequrque for a couple of weeks; but, I'm glad to share "my experience". First of all - DO NOT CALL an escort service listed in the phone book. It's a total rip off!!!! I called and had a great looking gal show up. They make you sign a disclosure stating there'll be no physical contact "sexually" and you have to pay an "agency fee" of about $120 then you're expected to tip the girl another $120 for the right of "no sexual touching". I think if you continue to tip you might eventually get a "hand job"; but, that's about all you'll get. The girl that showed up at my door stayed a whopping 15 minutes and I barely got to see her nude!!!

Anyway, after logging on to this site I learned that "Central" was where to go to pick up the local night life; so, I tried it out. I ended up picking up this 47 yr old named Jeri. She was awesome. Blow job, and a great fuck then laid there with me for quite a while. She ended up having me take her back to her hotel room but wanted to get back with me and said I wouldn't need to pay every time. She actually wanted to see me the very next night. How much for all of this great treatment? A whopping $40!!! And by the way, she had a nice and neat trimmed pussy. She really was a treat. Of course, there's some "ugly women" out there on the street so you might have to drive around for a while; but, from what I found and experienced I'd say this was the way to go in Albequrque.

Oh, I've got an appointment with an independent escort tomorrow (a red head) for $150. I'll write more about that experience aftwards. I did talk to her on the phone after my "bad experience" with the other escort service. She said she was "full-service" and always stayed the full hour (your mileage may vary she said). I'll let you know how that goes; but, she sounded great on the phone. She has a website that I'll let you know about after we meet.

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