Prostitution Report
from New York

There are 4 places to find action in NYC. 1st, and best place, is on Lexington Ave between 32nd and 27th street, and all blocks surrounding. The girls here range from drooling on the floor goregous to slightly above average. Asking price for a blow is $70-$100 and for sex its $100-$200. Some refuse to do anything in a car, other will, but are generally bitchy about it. Most want motel action. Be careful, cops are rampant and sometimes just sit in the area preventing the girls from working. 2nd area is on 9th Ave and side-streets between 50th and 42nd St. You're much less likely to find anything here, because cops practically live here (mainly because its near Times Square), but there a decent chance you'll get lucky. Girls here are cheaper than Lexington, around $40-$60 for a blow, and no more than $100 for sex.

Car work is no problem. 3rd spot, and the one I recommend the LEAST is the Village between Hudson St and Greenwich Ave near 14th St. The reason I say this is because most of the "girls" there are actually guys dressed up as girls. Many have even had boob jobs. Granted, many look very convincing (until you hear them talk). You may find some girls here (some can be damn gorgeous) but its more likely that you're wasting your time. The 4th spot I'd recommend is in Long Island City, Queens, near the Queensboro Bridge. Back in 1999 and early 2000, this was a SUPERB place to get action. at least 50 girls would be in the area, many near supermodel quality, and the prices were great! $20-$35 for a blow...$40-$75 for sex, and plenty of girls willing for anal too! Unfortunately, from what I understand, a gang war erupted, which caused many girls to refuse to work in Long Island City, (where they went, I don't know). Now there are never any more than 10 girls working the area, and your unlikely to see any until after 2 AM.

Prices are still very good. Keep an eye out on Queen Plaza right after you get off the lower level on the QBB, near the Dunkin Donuts. The road behind there, 42nd road, is also very good. Side-note: In all the areas I mentioned above, except the 3rd spot, you can frequently find girls solicting out of their cars. They'll either pull up next to you at a red light and solict, or they'll be parked, and try to get your attention as they drive by. I'm not sure how this works, because I've never responded to a girl in her car, but its available. Most of these girl (for some reason) tend to have either Jersey or PA license plates.

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