Prostitution Report
from New Zealand

1 - There is a woman who advertises in teh local community newspapers - easter Courier etc under the name Magic Hands - Simone. She is a young gem. University Student who works out of a nice apartment downtown. True "girlfriend" experience. Young, pert, farily fit, tight and fun - European. A little hottie. Current as of yesterday 13 July 2000. Doesin call. Basic routine is a massage, a bj then she asks how you "want to take her" and you do. She is pretty good with the old tubular squeeze massage and seems to take perverse pleasure in driving you over the edge that way. Not a bad way to go.

2 - I used to go to a place called Alladans and see a woman named Tina. She is a bit overweight. She is either part Maori (NZ Indiginous Race - darkish Polynesian)and or polynesian race. But what she can do with her body. She will tease you unmercifully for the time of your choice and finally take you over the edge as the time runs out. Aladdins burned down a few months ago and I called the number and it gave forward number to her new place of employment. Silly me I didn't write down the details, when I called and actually talked to Tina at her new place. When I went to call back the nuber was disconnected. So if any one knows where Tina of Alladins is now working send in a review. I have seen her a number of times over the years, but she is always amazing. Her pussy can massage the old fellow to orgasm all by itself. She loves to slowly build you to a frenzy and keep you there for the entire time. Isuppose if you asked she would try more than one orgasm, but beleive me just let her run the show. The slow tease to completion at the end is to die for. Or is that to die to ala Rockefeller style.

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3 - Pelican Club. A very reliable pace to find some of Aucklands Hottest women. They tend to be a tiny bit jaded and lack the enthusaism of some of an independent, but for the "factory places" in Auckland it is one of the best. Ihave had numerous wonderful expereinces at Pelican club. The other place that is worthwhile is Flora's and Penthouse. They are under the same management and are also great. One of the girsl at Pelican told me that the Father was teh owner of FLora's / Penthouse and the son was the onwer of Pelican. Again a number of great expereinces at Flora's/Penthouse. About ayear ago the woemen woudl kiss on the mouth, but they have stopped recently. Both places seem to train the women well.

4 - Exotic Massage in Manakau City (Auckland Suburb) about a year ago or more i saw a thai women named pearl there. Gave me anice masssage, fingered my asshole 'til I was hard, rolled me over slipped on the sock and -no BJ ): , proceeded to violently fuck me. Either she did come or put on an oscar performance. Never have had a pro come before so was quite surprised. I came to0 - the thrashing was just to much, particularly with her orgasm. We then cuddled and she licked my ear 'til I got hard again and she manually brought me off for number two. Time was up and I was on my way . . . . a great one. Other experiences there have been so so.

5 - Jacqueline and independent that advertises in NZ's website "between the sheets", a local listing. She was totally uninspiring and a dud. She did say she wanted it up the bum but I came in her pussy before that could happen. Will do incall

6 - Ann Independent advertise in the local community newspapers as soft flowing massage. Older and not too inspiring. If you call here she will say she has a body just like Elle Mcpherson - yeah right. Not recommended. Northshore based. WIll do incall.

7 - Emma advertises in yellow pages have seen her twice at different locations. Very old and ugly. Gives a modified bareback BJ. It is safe but wierd. Basically she lick below the head and hold a tissue to keep any secretions from flowing down to her mouth. Great stimulation if you can handle the looks. Not recommended. Western Springs are ususally. Will do incall.

8 - Mercedes - advertises in the yellow pages under AAA ample vision. She does voyeaur sessions with her partner Rocky. North Shore Based. I saw her once Gives a great performance. Will do incall. Wroth seeing very recommended.

9 - Local rags give a number of places for your basic in call chinese jerk job. Usually comes at about half or less than the going rate for full service. (Full service in Auckland is usually NZ$140). Many jerk joint will haul your ashes for NZ$60 or less. The only problem encountered with these joints is that I ofen find the women give yo a half assed massage then jerk you off with the speed and efficiency of a Jack hammer. Works but is not usually to pleasurable. Only once have I had a satisfactory experience at these places.

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