Prostitution Report
from Nicaragua

Just returned from Managua and am impressed. It was a quick trip- two nights and one day only. I have lived in Belize for the past 10 years and have been spoiled by easy access to Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala. A quick side note- Merida Mexico is another sleeper that not many talk about. Of course I met a girl in Cozumel at Club Salsa over six years ago that was from Merida and she was so good that I moved her back to Merida and we have been involved on a "steady" basis ever since. Through her I have connected my close friends to 100's of girls from Merida over the past 6 years. A couple more of them have turned out to be be "steady" for some of the guys.

OK- back to Managua and the Nica's- First night one of my running mates and I picked up four girls on avenue Masaya in less than five minutes. They ranged from 18 to 22. We went from there to a local bar and partied together for a couple hours. We then returned to the Holiday Inn. Showed up with all four girls, cooler of beer, various sundries such as water, coke, Gatoraide, apples and oh yeah a sack full of condoms. We were met at the door by two hotel employees. It was aboout 2AM. We were well lit. They simply replied- "no noise right guys"? And we said no problem! They then helped us from the taxi with all of our sundries. Loaded it all on one of the hotel luggage carts and took it to one of the rooms for us. And since I mention the taxi- let me say that every taxi operator we met was good. Most were very resonable on price. They will go on "standby" and wait for $7.50 US per hour.

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So here we are two guys- 40 and 47 with four sweet sweet young things. Weeach popped a 20 of Levita (I much prefer to Viagra) and the real party began. The girls were't into each other but they had no problem having to "share" one guy. Three out of four were excellent. Only one turned out to have a bad attitude so we let her go early. After an hour or so of partying my running mate returned to his room with one of the girls. After another hour or so I was running way low on energy and since the room only had double beds I decided to ask one of the girls to call it a night and go home. She was so sweet and didn't want to leave but she just wasn't as hot sexually as the other. I tipped her well (yes I know better but under the influence of gallons of alcohol I felt generous). She left happy. From that point I proceeded to have a truly sensual rest of the night and into the morning with the girl that stayed. She left only because I needed her to leave the next morning. After all I was in Managua to attend a trade show and knew that I have better make a quick appearance. She made me promise that I would call her later that day and left me her cel. phone number. Intersting note on phone usage. She made only two calls while she was withme and both times the call was to her mom. My Spanish isn't the greatest but I am certain that mom was fully in tuned to what her 18 year old daughter was doing.

OK- it's 10AM and I am late for the trade show. Must go as I have people there that are expecting to see me and if I want them to cover for me after I return home I better show up for at least a bit of time. Well wasn't disappointed here- There were several girls from BlueField area working at this hotel convention and they are very beautiful girls. I am more keen to Hispanic/Latin girls but after seeing how beautiful these BlueField Garifuna girls are I think I will have to visit the region. They are much prettier than the Garifuna girls of Belize. I realize though that these girls may be the cream of the crop since they are working at a luxury hotel in Managua.

Well the day went on. At 3PM my running mate and I grabbed a taxi and went sight seeing. We asked about the day time action. Taxi took by a day time massage parlour. Seems like there are quite a few of these. This was only for reconisence. We only visited one for a quick look. The ladies there all looked acceptable. They were not nearly as young as the girls from the street. Probably from 25 to 35 in age. $50 was the price quote for an hour of "full" massage and sauna. It was definitely do-able if you need some afternoon relaxation.

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That evening we attended a coctail party at Pharoh's casino (owned by two brothers from Chicago). This was the final event of the trade show we were supposed to be attending. The party, food, booze and service were excellent. They had one of the best rock and roll bands I have heard in a long time. It was a blast. Lot's more pretty girls everywhere. My Spanish is terrible but if you can speak even half assed I think you can pick up a girl about anywhere in Managua with just a little charm. One of the younger guys who is Belizean and was at the trade show went to a club called Mangos (not a strip club) and he came home with one of the female bartenders from the club. He also went to Lips. He said the girls were great but per typical club action it cost $12 US for a drink for the girls. For myself- I had planned to visit the clubs but was so satisfied with the street action that I never made it inside one.

My main running mate was shagged out and running low on cash told me that he didn't want any action this last night. We did go a little overboard and spoil our group of four the night before... I then told him that per this board I had read that the girls will go for $20 for an hour or so. Well after 5 hours of open house booze and food we left Phaoroh's Casino. It is right on the main avenue Rosa/Masaya drag. Instead of hitting the main street I asked the taxi to drive down the side boulevard where the girls hang. Again in just a few minutes there stood two beautiful girls. We stopped and chatted for a minute. This time I said "how much" before inviting them into the taxi. Their first reply was $20. My buddy in the back seat about fainted. He couldn't resist so we left with both of them. Again sweet, young and thin. It was 12:30AM when we got back to the hotel and we had to be up at 4:30 AM to checkout and catch the 5AM shuttle to the airport for our return to Belize. On this note we didn't have a liquid night cap but just went to our rooms for a "quickie". Generally this is not my style but under the circumstances this is what I did. I pounded away on this sweet little thing. She was so petite and young. I hated to end the trip on a quickie but when you are out of time you are out of time. $20 bucks was great with her and of course she asked for money for the taxi so I gave her another 100 codobas which is $7.50 US.

On closing- The girls remind me a lot of girls from Cuba. (My last trip to Cuba was back in 97). The prices are too good, the girls too easy. I am sure it will soon be spoiled... Guys take a run and grab some while it is still good.

If you have any questions on Belize or Yucatan/Quintana Room Mexico go ahead and post them here. I've got 10 years steady experience in this region. Booze and chica's are my only sport. No time for golf, diving, fishing, etc...

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