Prostitution Report
from Nigeria

I arrived in Lagos, Nigeria in the afternoon around 4:30 PM. I had to bribe the immigration officer for entry into the country and was met by another agent and taken to a hotel. He took me to a small, gated hotel near the airport where I would be spending the night until the morning then I would be flying out from the domestic airport to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I checked into the hotel and went to my room. It wasn't the Hilton but would do. They speak English in Nigeria so at least I understood the TV. I took a shower and went to the bar. It was a small bar and there were about 4 people in there. I asked the bartender if any girls ever came to the hotel and he said by invitation only. I asked him if he could invite one and gave him 300 Naira (about 2.50 US). About an hour later he brought a 20 year old college girl named Priscilla. She was pretty and sweet but not used to foreigners. She spent the night with me all night for 2,000 Naira (16 USD) and I caught my flight out to Port Harcourt. Priscilla was ok at best but very clean and innocent. A normal girl trying to survive, in this poor country. There are some very pretty girls here in Nigeria but I would recommend avoiding Lagos unless you are traveling here for business. I board the ship and we go to sea.

After about a week in the Ocean we arrive in Port Harcourt and the Chief Mate and I go into the village for a beer. We go to a small outside bar and a pretty local girl joins us at our table. From here we leave for another bar, which has several ladies of the evening waiting for customers. The Nigerian women are stunningly beautiful imagine the DR with 10 times the women and 3% of the guys. All of the lesser quality girls do not come into the bars it seems that only the very pretty ones come in. There were a couple of Tyra Banks look-alikes and a few more that were equal or better. I finally settle with a pretty girl named Sonia. 1,750 Naira, for the entire evening (about 14 USD). She turns out to be O.K. but for $14 you can’t miss. The Nigerian girls are very clean. She showered before and after and cleaned me up after we were done. I met another girl in the bathroom (bathrooms are his/hers in Nigeria) and have a plan to meet with her the next time we are in port. I probably should have taken her first but so many women, so little time. They sell a condom here named “Black Panther” which is an industrial strength sort of like the “Galactic Prophylactic” from Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live which, with all of the horror stories of Africa I highly recommend using. Unfortunately I did not have my digital camera with me so I have nothing but the stories to share but I will come here again if I am ever asked. The average price here for the girls is 2,000 Naira (16 USD) for the evening. They are very aggressive so if you don’t like her, don’t even look her way because she will come sit with you. Jimmydr trust me we have to come here together some day. You would be like a starving Japanese sailor in a Sushi Bar. The DR isn’t even close to what they have here. When (not if, but when) I return I will bring a digital camera and show you. Imagine this, you walk into a disco, there are 11 guys and 150 beautiful girls who are ready to fight each other over who can fuck you the most for $15 a night.

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Most of the girls are either girls that work regular jobs and moonlight to supplement their income or they are college girls who are trying to survive. Port Harcourt has 2 large universities. There are very few pro’s. Nigeria is a poor country so anything to them helps. A Heineken cost 100 Naira, about 75 cents in a nice bar. There are girls everywhere who are willing to provide extra services to you for a small fee. If you like the waitress or the girl in the shop just ask her what time does she get off and she will be ready to go with you. I had a secretary from the shore base come to the ship on her lunch hour at my request. An hour with her for $10 USD then she went back to work. She was very pretty and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

The Girl From The His/Hers BathroomThe next time we came into port I had asked a fellow shipmate to go and look for the girl I mentioned that I met in the bathroom. I finally gave up but after about 2 hours he returned and with my girl.She welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek and a small hug. We went to my cabin and I felt like I was riding a rocket ship. This was the best discovery of my trip. In the morning after 5 times all involving BBBJ’s I said goodbye to this incredible lady. She treated me like a king and I gave her 2,000 Naira in the morning (16 USD) plus 500 more (4 USD) for cab fare home and promised I would find her the next time we were in port. I will indeed find this girl she made this journey to Africa worth the trip. She is 27 years old, no kids, lives in a small apartment alone and just ended a 5 year relationship with another ship captain. A very pretty lady, with an almost perfect body, not to mention a health card. This is not a monger destination as it is a very remote location but, if you like the girls in the DR you haven’t seen anything. I will never again have any objections to returning to this part of the world. Bring plenty of rubbers and spend a week in heaven. This report I am writing in segments, as I don’t want to forget anything. By now I have just spent 4 nights with this pretty lady and I seem to be enjoying her company more each time I see her. I will be visiting her again. I am not sure when or where but I will return to some part of Africa to visit her again.

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Next trip in, 4 nights also with my same sweet girl. It is getting to the point where I only give her cab fare back and forth from home and feed her. That time of the month came so all activities were suspended but she still continues to give me a great BBBJ in the morning. We were out on my last night in port and she told me that I should find a girl for the evening because she could not make love to me that night. I replied that I was fine to just be with her and I did not want another girl. That was not like Beavis but I enjoy being with this girl. I won’t be coming to Nigeria to visit her but if I come back for work I have her and if not I will visit her in another location.

Next time we are in port my regular girl is gone as she is working in a town two hours away and only comes home on weekends. The first night I take a fine looking black girl named Janet. She is good but after a few Nigerian beers and very little sleep in the past 2 days it is a short session. The next night I am well rested and find another good discovery. She is named Jasmine, 23 years old, no kids a tight body and she has very long braided hair. A light skinned black girl. I keep her all night and bang her 4 times. I give her 2,500 Naira ($ 20 USD). This girl was incredible I thought she would wake everyone on the ship. Eventually I dump Ebi for Jasmine and then dump Jasmine for a girl named Mimi. At this point in the Beavis adventures I am hooked up with Mimi. She is also a very pretty black girl. There are so many of them all ready to go. I plan to keep Mimi around for a while but who knows what will happen. I am only a few days from returning to the U.S. as I am writing this so we will see. Stay tuned for more.

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