Prostitution Report
from North Carolina

I was driving north from Georgia on I-40 and got a hard on near Winston Salem, NC. I remembered a strip club mentioned on another site which implied FS. I stopped by about 1AM on Sat Night. It is typical ghetto strip club with thick black girls and hoodlum type customers. I felt right at home. Mr Jimmy DR and Mr init4ass would love this place. For $25 per song you go in the lapdance area which is totally private. I took the thinnest girl there, who weighed about 160 pounds, paid for 4 songs ($100) gave her a $50 tip and fucked her on the chair and against the wall. I also got a BJ. My only complaint was that she insisted on covered. I was back on the highway by 3AM. The place is called Sugar Bare's VIP on 1720 S. Martin Luther King Street in Winston Salem.

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