Prostitution Report
from Norway

The Norwegian capital is forgotten at this site! It has a very hot night life, but if you are above 30 you have problems if you don't know where to go to find your own age (I don't). However, there are a lot of offers on the web, just check or you can look at (is also in English). Lots of good offers, price usually between NOK 1500-2000 (USD 130-180) for beautiful ladies. if you are in oslo on a Sunday, also buy the newspaper "Soendag Soendag" (Sunday Sunday), it has several pages with advertisements, some with pictures.

The activities in bars are more discreet, the only place I know to find something is at "Baronen and Baronessen" which is located right in the center (I am told there are more). In the bar on the second floor there are almost always some working girls (Eastern Europe, norwegian, coloured, Thai). Their prices are high, NOK 4000, but can be negotiated to 2500-3000 if they like, and you spend some tim,e with them. The eastern Europe ladies may be cheaper. Quality is variable, with some good in between.

I recently had very good experiences both from the net (Lithuanian girls working short-time in Oslo, left 2 days later)and from "Baronen".

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