Prostitution Report
from Ohio

Going through the classified section of the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, I came across an ad for a "Black Beauty." I call and left my telephone number. About half an hour later, a woman returned the call. The name she uses is Orianna. On the phone, She was very pleasant and had a soft, seductive voice. We set up a time to meet after work. According to the instructions, I drove to a gas station near her apartment, called, and received instructions.

At the apartment, the door opened, introducing me an attractive young, black woman. Orianna appeared to be about 20 years old. She claimed that she was a college student, majoring in nursing. Before I would discuss a price, I requested that she show me her breasts. She was surprised and reluctant to do so. However, after I explained my reasons, she pulled up her sweatshirt and bra to display to full, firm breasts. After some negotiating, I agreed to her price. The one thing Orianna would not do is kiss. She position was that she kissed only once she got to know a person.

Orianna stated that I should relax (meaning I should take off my clothes). I requested that she first undress. She did so. Orianna is about 5'6", average height, dark brown skin, nice, round and firm ass. Her breasts were round and firm.

Orianna started off by going down on me. She had no problem sucking my dick. She gave good, but not great head. I then had Orianna lay on her back and when down on her. She really enjoyed oral sex, moaning, moving her ass. After cumming a number of times, she begged me to stop. She claimed that if she continued she would be too tired to do anything else.

I got on my knees, and tried to put my penis in her. She was incredibly tight. She got some lotion and rubbed it on my dick. She then took my dick and put it in her pussy. Orianna did not move much. But, it was enjoyable to grab her ass as I stoked. She did not rush me and seemed concerned that I enjoyed her. I certainly did.

After cumming, I washed up, she put on a dress. It was lovely the she sat in her dress, legs spread, without any panty covering up her ass. In terms of looks Orianna is about a 9 on a scale of 10. The sex was good but not great. She appeared to be a bit cautious. But, I plan to fuck Orianna again.

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