Prostitution Report
from Oragon

on the main streets have pretty heavy LE bu there is still some street action going on its just more hit or miss. As far as finding a girl on the streets that in any way resembles the quality of women that you will find in Cuba, Costa Rica, or indo no way but if you are just looking to get a nut possibilities are out there. On the hit or miss tip definetly if you go out with the mind set of finding a girl for sure you will undoubtedly end up dissapointed but if you are just cruising through the area i.e live around here or are bored alot you can score once in a while. I have lived in the SE area for a while, the other day I was cruising around lower Sandy/burnside when I saw this dirty looking blonde walking alone. On this street single girl wlaking alone is definetly a whore. Anyhow was just checking her out while I drove by saw two cops so I was fairly nervous.

I pulled a right in fron of her two blocks down and then when she crossed the street I flsahed by lights at her. She ran up and jumped in the car, pretty good indication not undercover. We pulled down the street she had me fondler her breasts and she fondled my cock. She was an alright looking white not to fucked up in my opinion 30s chick. She told me 50 bucks for full 25 for head. She offered a place where she new some friends in an apartment but that seemed to shady for me possible set up ya know. Anyway I decided on head because it iwas in the car, we pulled into this little industrial area she worked me pretty good with a nice bbbj. She even swallowed! Gave her the 25 it went smooth. So guys there is potential on all the streets referenced here and other sites just be careful.

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