Prostitution Report
from Panama

I have recently come back from Panama city. My visit was as part of a business trip, which also included Costa Rica and Equador. I will report on those countries separately.First of all, I stayed at the hotel Mar Intercontinental. This hotel had no problems with Guests, and indeed the receptionist Phoned up on two actions, when I had ordered company from two agencies to say that my guests were in reception, and asking if it was ok to send them up.

On a separate note, a friend of mine stayed at the Continental hotel in the city, where apparently the bell boys just bent over backwards to arrange girls for guests. In the lobby there were girls going back and forth like you would not believe.From my point of view I sampled the escort services, clubs, and massage parlours with the following results.

Escort services.
On two occasions I used escort service. On both occasions they say the cost is about $75 for an hour and half, but in reality it is for one pop. I am sure they would have in both cases stayed for a second pop for a tip, however other engagements were such that it suited me to settle for one go.First day I tried an in call from Sensual Girls…Tel 674 7331. I spoke to Annie who speaks reasonable English, and we agreed on $60 for one hour or $75 for two hours for Malisa. First Malisa turned up half an hour late. Second, Annie said she was Colombian, when in fact she was Panamanian. Third, she was all busyness, I case of one shot and I am off, thank you very much. Needless to say I did not use Annie’s services again.

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The second Agency I used was Latin babes (tel 617 13450 ( Here I spoke to a lady with passable English who sent me Camila Photo to come. The cost was $75 for 1.5 hours. Camila was Colombian, great attitude, Oral without and very sensual. She turned up on time, and had passable English. When she walked into my room, she gave me a kiss on the lips and a cuddle.

Massage parlour
The only one I tried was Golden Times (Plaza Mirage,Tumba Muerto, Local a-7 Tel 260-0329). You walk in (no charge) they perade the girls and you choose one. You can then go to one of the rooms with them for $94.50 on site (I know..weird number) for one hour on site + one free drink, or you can take them for the night for $350. All the girls here were hot (and Colombian), I went with a 21-year-old chemistry student called Evelyn and had the time of my life. Most of the girls are here for three-month stints, and are quite clever. I am also lead to believe the girls from the interior of Columbia are hotter than from other areas of the country.

I went to two Clubs.

1. La Palace…. This is said to be the top place in Panama, and I would not disagree, all the girls were like models, and to be honest they behaved like it. Basically on go here if you are pre-paired to spend a few hundred dollars on drinks, and $120 to the club to take them out, and $350 for the girl for about 4 hours.

2. Elite 11…. Bigger than the palace, lots more girls of all sizes and shape, and not all super models. I would say the girls here were friendlier, less stuck up, and more inclined to have fun. Again only come here if you are pre-paired to spend $150..$200 for drinks or exit fee for the girl. Then its down to how well you negotiate with the girls for their fees, but you can bank on about $200. They will start at $300. I went with a fantastic Colombian girl called Juliet (Tel 643 0842). On the night I had a lot of fun with her in the club, but I was not going to pay $120 to get her out of the club. I got her Tel number, and made a deal to see here outside of the club, the following day.

Avoid the clubs unless you have a large expense account. My experience with all Colombian girls is they on balance they were more fun to be with, and all had great bodies. It always good to have a understanding of basic Spanish. I don’t think you can go wrong at golden times.

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