Prostitution Report
from Pennsylvania

I spent three days in Pittsburgh last week and used Monday and Tuesday nights to check out the streets. I wound up with a bit of luck Monday but put many miles on my truck in the process. Tuesday night was a bust and I settled for a few hours of bump and grind in a McKees Rocks tittie bar instead of the streetwalker du jour. I stayed at the Doubletree downtown and recommend it for comfort and access.

Monday night I made a few runs out Forbes Avenue all the way to the University of Pittsburgh and then returned downtown via 5th Avenue. There were a few rough lasses out around Marion, Pride and Van Braam. One was OK on Marion between 5th and Forbes. Short blonde hair, 5'6" and slim build, tight jeans and short satin Penguins jacket. Before I could turn around she was picked up. The rest were just sort of rough looking. All black except for the one I just described. Penn between 9th and 11th was a wasteland with one obvious TV and one very young girl with her "manager". I went by a few time during the course of the evening and the young girl got picked up at least once but the TV held his post all night long as far as I could tell. The rest of downtown was dead.

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I went out to Bridgeville and ran Butler from end to end with nothing sighted. I did this about 9:00 pm, 10:30pm and about 11:30pm. A few blocks over on Penn and Liberty girls were out but they were very rough looking and that neighborhood gives me the creeps so I did not stop. Girls were evident from about 32nd all the way out to Negley. Two to five chicas were observed on each pass.

At about midnight I cruised the north side hitting the neighborhood just west of Interstate 279 from North Avenue to Ohio. I saw a few crack / Meth heads out and then picked up Alicia (not a doper) at the corner of Tripoli and East Street. She is 23, about 5'5", about 110 pounds and appeared at first glance to be very trim. She was wearing a short camo army style jacket and black jeans (very tight) with white sports shoes. We went back to my hotel and en route she advised that she had been out drinking and did not want to go home just yet. She was a little high but not at all drunk. She offered 50/50 for $50 but said she needed money for a car payment and would spend the night for $150. Back at my room we ordered a bottle of wine from room service (she suggested) and relaxed.

She had a slight paunch noticeable when she undressed but it disappeared when she lay down. Great tits, great conversationalist. Very down to earth. Liked sex and was adept at keeping things going for a few hours. We fell asleep at about 3:00am, woke up at about 5 and had a quickie and fell asleep again until about 8;00. I took her home and she asked me to stop by her apartment and pick her up for future sessions. She lives with a girlfriend and they each have a toddler size kid that they share babysitting duties on. And I already asked...her girlfriend does not "date" or join in.

As I said earlier, Tuesday the streets were dead early and I was a little tired so I went to Club Exotica in McKees Rocks. Nude club. Modest door charge that includes an empty cup that you can refill from a beer tap all night long ( tip the young tap attendant for a nice tit in your eye.) Laps were 20 bucks upstairs in a kind of barracks like setting. Good mileage and great looking girls. When I left there was one girl outside nearby at the intersection of Chartiers and Route 51. She was definitely working. She was about 40, maybe older but she had a decent body (as seen under a winter coat) and appeared eager for a pickup. I do not think she was LE but as I had just had a dishonorable discharge in the Club Exotica, I did not hang around to check things out very thoroughly.

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