Prostitution Report
from Peru

Alright I found out more about the Cuzco sex scene stay far away from Santutis aka La Curva It sucks I think it is the worst whorehouse I have seen in Peru next to the one in Sullana. Lot of clubs exist with young girls like 20 or more most are on Avenida sol Aka Avenida Alameda. Also some scatttered near and off of Avenida La Cultura. The prices for these clubs seem to be the most expensive in Peru. Most of the girls pretty ugly. I did not see any sign of streethookers working in the Plaza De Armas. One club Blue Sky on Avenida Sol near the Pachetuec Statue had a hot gordita with Big Tits Karina. I recommend Lima or Trujillo any damn day over Cuzco.......

I recently spent ten days in Peru, with four days in Cuzco. I walked around the city plenty and couldn't find a red-light district. Finally, I hopped in a taxi and asked the driver to take me to a place that had women. He took me to a place called Santutis, which was a ten-minute drive from the Plaza de Armas.We drove off the main street, up a cobblestoned road, and through large gates. The place was like a compound, with cars parked in the middle and little motel-like rooms surrounding on three sides. My friend and I walked around and looked into the half-opened doors. Women stood in the doorways of their small rooms wearing bikinis and other provocative clothes. I chose one woman and paid 50 soles for FS, which amounts to less than $20 U.S. Still, my taxi driver said I shouldn't pay more than 20 soles.

While I waited for my friend, I managed to muster up enough energy to choose another woman in another room. She wasn't as attractive, but was nicer, and charged me 15 soles, around $5.00 U.S. The experience was interesting, and I was told there was no other place like it in Cuzco. Just ask a taxi driver for Santutis, and hopefully they'll know of the place

Hi checked out the centro de massages on Santo Domingo in Arequipa. They are open monday thru Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The cost for the massage is 30 soles I am not sure how much more for sexual and nude services. The 3 girls looked pretty average looking I was not interested at all. I guess the girls on the Coast and Selva are the best compared to the sierra and highlands much more pure indian nothing against that but I prfer the more typical Inca features or Selva mixed combination. Try also Club hoters call them 931- 917.....

Hi o.k. then check into a masage place Snto Domigo 103 ofice 215 you can find the ad for this place in El Pueblo Diaro. There is also a bunch of clubs open day and more in the night where for 80 soles you can take out these babes. I think one place was Amazonas the other Cinderella one other I think is La Poacha. I will try to look more in to these places. The Cab driver told me like 50 of these clubs exist in Arequipa.

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