Prostitution Report
from Philippines

Just got back from another pleasurable week in Angeles. Stayed at Orchid Inn as usual and very happy, although new management are getting tough on the staff. Some of the old faces may be gone soon.This trip I checked out Santos St at length and was very happy with the results. The general standard of girls by way of looks in the Santos St bars is usually pretty low but I found a few lovely 6s and 7s who were excellent at both oral skills and happy to have their pussies pummelled. The good looking ones weren't always around so you have to keep going back. The going rate is still 500 pesos which is great value. Most are happy to come back to your hotel. I don't mind the occassional `walk on the wild' side in Santos St bar back rooms but they are very depressing and sometimes dirty so not the best place to relax and get serviced.I found the afternoons were the best time to get the good lookers...most of the girls were up, showered and ready for action.Lots of ladyboys are back at Firestone and some of the other bars on the left side of the street but they are harmless and often good fun to watch (from bars across the road with a beer in one hand and a cute barfine in the other).

Unlike the girls in the clubs, I found it no trouble to get Santos girls back to my room and feature in a photo shoot or amateur home movies. I got the impression they are pretty used to being asked to do this now. But don't expect too much by way of leso action. Once a couple of 6s said they would `put on show for me' so I brought them back but once they got undressed they went all shy and awkward... some Spielberg directing didn't get very far either...but they were excellent at doing what they do best....BBBJ.

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A few freelancers are working in and around Kokomos and on the corner of Real & Santos. I noticed these are sometimes the same girls that can be found outside the Vian Hotel. One I took back to the room and got on video was a stunner, genuine 8 or 9. Her name is Rachel and she often hangs out with a girl with a couple of missing front teeth (she takes her dental bridge and gives a great BBBJ - I don't know her name but she is good with a video camera so worth bringing back if you need a cameragirl, but average body with the droopy boobs). Anyway Rachel is 18 years old, 5ft 6ins, long legs, beautiful firm body with a nice rounded arse and small tits. And a very cute face. I found out that she is very willing to do anything...after a couple of video sessions and she got to know me I suggested anal and she said Yes to my great surprise...she was willing enough but we stopped when it was obvious she was cherry there and wasn't relaxed enough....but she is fantastic with her tongue and so long as you are recently showered she will stick it in every conceivable hole and crevice.

One time she brought a cute friend with her and after showering together she got her friend on all fours and licked out her pussy ( deep tonguing)and rimmed her arse from behind. This girl is unbelievable. I only ever paid her 350 pesos per session plus 100 pesos tip.When figure out how to put a video clip up on the site I will post a short segment so you know what she looks like.So, don't be put off by the 3rd world back alley apperance of Santos St. Admittedly, first impressions can be offputting but invest a bit of time there and you should be well rewarded....and you can get 2 for what you will pay for 1 in the Fields Ave bars.

My daily routine also included a massage at the Japanese massage place in Fields, just up from the intersection with McArthur. 400 pesos and 100 pesos tip for 90 minutes of great deep tissue massage preceded by a scrub down and a short session in a jet bath. HJ is extra and most of the girls want 1000 pesos although the one and only time I got hand relief I negotiated down to 500 pesos. She also got her top and bra off but was a cherry girl and wouldn't go BB even for 1,000 pesos.I got to know her pretty well and asked her one day if the girls there go all the way...they don't, so don't expect too much. But what a great way to get prepped for a night or afternoon of mongering.

I can also recommend Restaurant Verona, at corner of Santos and Fields above one of the clubs. This is the best food I have had in the Philippines over many years of travelling there. It is owned and managed by the Champagne group so standards are very high...excellent European food and not expensive. And delighful waitresses.

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