Prostitution Report
from Poland

I have travelled to Warsaw a number of times and have the following information for other visitors. There are a number of ways to have fun, but you may feel overwhelmed if you do not speak polish. If so, fear not this report is for you. I would imagine many visitors opt for the expensive girls that can be found in most hotels since they usually speak good english. However for those on a budget, the lowest cost option is to visit a brothel of which there are many in the city centre. The situation with brothels has been reported I think, but I have some practical experiences I think might be useful. The basic arrangement is that you arrive at your chosen place, the madam calls out all of the available girls (often 3-10 of them) and you choose (or leave if there is really nothing that takes your fancy). Fine in principle, but..

How do you find these places? As soon as I arrive in Poland, I pick up a copy of ‘Warszawa - What Where When’, or similar free guide at the airport or hotel lobby. This will have a street map of central Warsaw (its only use I find). Also buy a copy of the newspaper Zycie Warszawie. In the back, under ‘Towarzyskie’, are lots of ads for girls. Since I speak no Polish I have found telephoning to be useless. Instead I look for the adds that give addresses (about 50% of them do). Addresses will be given in the form Marszalkowska 140m10. Marszalkowska is the street name and 140m10 means building 140, apartment 10. It is also often possible to work out what the place has to offer (blondes, lots of girls, students etc.) from the ad. which helps you choose a place. Then use the map to locate the address in relation to your hotel. Once you have a shortlist of 3 or 4 places you are ready to go out.

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How do I get myself in? The block numbers are displayed on large blue plaques visible from the main street. Once you have found the block, you normally have to leave the main street to find the entrance for your apartment number. At the entrance you will find a set of buttons for a group of apartments. The one you are looking for is usually painted red to avoid any doubt that you have the right one. This is where some communication is called for. Press the button and when a voice answers try saying ‘Do you speak english’ or ‘I don’t speak polish’ (see below). I have found this always gets me buzzed in. Once inside just find the apartment number, which always seems to be on the top floor. Another tip. These buildings often have dark hallways. Look for the light switches on your way up.

What will I get? Once you are in the apartment, the madam will call all the girls out for you. They smile, you pick. Prices are typically ZL80-90 for half an hour or ZL90-110 for one hour (per girl ;). A bargain I think. You’re then left with the girl. The deal (in my experience) always involves BJ with condom, then sex in position(s) of your suggestion. BBBJ can often (4 out of 5 times) be had in negotiation with the girl, once you’re alone, for ZL50 extra. I usually tip the girl ZL30-50 anyway, so the BBBJ can be a bonus. Even if you opt for 1 hour you only get to come once. However this does not mean that you have to leave straight away. The rest of the time can be spent laying together or massaging each other. I sometimes offer the girl a massage as it give the chance to have a nice feel of her. She usually appreciates the attention as well.

Is it safe? I have never had any problems visiting these places. The apartments are in residential blocks and seem to be tolerated by other living there. I have never had any problem with ripoffs or not getting what was expected. Most places seem to be open 24/7.The girls. There are often 10 or more to choose from at each place. There should be no problem finding 7s-9s unless your really fussy. They change all of the time so there is no point giving recommendations, suffice to say that I have yet to be disappointed. The girls are usually very pleasant if you start out that way with them. Hardly any I have met speak any English.I do not speak Polish, but I recommend learning at least a few useful phrases. I found the Rough Guide phrase book to be very good. Here are some phrases I found indispensable. The polish is not spelt the way its should be written, but the way it is pronounced.

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