Prostitution Report
from Portugal

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, it is a very beautiful city that has a total population of 1 million inhabitants. Prostitution is not legal or illegal (it is accepted and no one really cares), so as long as you don’t do something stupid and get caught in the act by the police you won’t have any problems. Age of consent is 18 yrs. In your best interest avoid all contact with under aged girls (generally very young druggie streetwalkers can be found 16/17 yrs) or you end up in court with charges of paedophilia. The knowledge of the Portuguese will be of precious help although many hi scale escort agencies have multi-language speaking girls working. In this review I have used an exchange rate of escudo/us dollar of 235.The places where you can find girls are the usual: streetwalkers, newspaper ads, top escort agencies of course clubs.

Despite being the cheaper way to have sex this is also the more dangerous one. Except for Monsanto area all the streetwalker scene happens at night. Around 80% of the girls are drug addicts. The epicentre of all the spots is the well known drug-supply area of Casal Ventoso (avoid going there), usually the girls work until they have enough money to buy the daily dose. These girls are not healthy (many have bad diseases like Aids, Hepatitis B or other STD) and their looks transmit that idea. Only a small percentage of these girls have sex or oral without condom (here you should always use one) and of course you will need a car.

Monsanto: This is the forest park area of Lisbon (it’s on the outskirts of the city). This place is used only by day (10/dusk). Girls may vary from 1 to 6, around early 20s. The younger girls are all druggies. Some older and ugly women may be there but they are the long time pros that due to their age and bad looks just don´t have anyplace else to work. Sex (generally oral) is made behind some trees in the middle of the woods while you leave your car parked on the road. This is not safe: The mounted forestall police is sometimes patrolling this areas (by horse), and you don’t know if there is someone in the middle of the bushes to steal your money and car (this is not very frequent – robbery generally happens between the girls). You can always choose to have sex in the car, but this is not advisable because there isn’t any good places you can go, it is forbidden to drive outside the main roads (heavy penalties) in the park and the bad smell of the girl will make you drive the next week with all your windows down (lol). There are two locations here: You will find more and the best girls near the Tennis Club (Alvito). Outeiro road is a weaker option. Prices vary from 1500 for a blowjob and 2500 for a standing up doggie style quick fuck. Drive along Estrada do Alvito, Estrada do Campo de Tennis aka Estrada Estrangeira Cima, Estrada Montes Claros and Estrada do Outeiro and you will see the girls

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Artilharia 1: this would be another normal spot except for the small detail that the president lives in this neiborhood! I’m not joking, so expect a lot of police, they will not harm you except if you make too much noise or drive in a way that you will make yourself noticed. There are sometimes some surprise stop operations but all they do is ask for your car documents and drivers licence and check if everything is in order. This area is also near to Casal Ventoso, and the girls come here at night to get the money for the last shot of the day. The girls are around 18 and early 20s, sometime also some very young girls! In one of the streets you will also see around half a dozen of “veterans” 40/50 yrs old. The special of the day here is the blowjob made inside the car (usually in the next street – Rua Castilho - or some other nearby dark spot), but due to an enforced patrol of the police (you can get in trouble if you get caught IN THE ACT with one of this girls, the police can take your car and send it to “be disinfected” (at least it is what most of the girls say, it has never happen to me because I never get caught by the police. Don´t go to more quiet area of Novotel because a lot of robbery happens there). Girls are more into going for a session at a near cheap hotel. The prices may vary from 2 to 2500 (10 usd) for the bj in the car to 5000 (20 usd) for the fuck including the price of the hotel. If the girl ask you more argue.

Important: in case you prefer the bj in the car I would like to advise that in this area you are extremely exposed to the police or to robberies. It has happened to me twice that the girl will try to pull some trick on you to take some more money. Please be alert if the girl won’t ask you for the money in advance: when this happens usually at the end she will ask you for more money and tell you must have confused. (Something like she asked you for 2000 and later tell you it was 12000 or 2000). Avoid this situation! One girl has even taken my car keys and threatened me that if I wouldn’t give her the money she would call the cops (yeah right!!). If this happens, be firm and throw her out of the car if possible while the car is moving (lol!!). I don´t want to sound racist because I am not, but on the some black girls are always trying to play some trick on you, they generally hang out together near the High School, my advice is stay away because sevice sucks, they ask you for an expensive price and try to outsmart you in every chance they got. It is easy to see who they are because they are very rarely picked up. Pimps are always near, you can see them as you drive along the street. Basically here you can find sometimes a really nice girl (a 7 or 8 but the usual range goes from 3 to 6), the best hour seems to be around 10pm but the actions goes on until late night especially on weekends. The cheap hotels they will take you are almost all very dirty. These girls usually do not perform very well; they just try to make the service as quick as possible.

It is very difficult to indicate the best hour: this place is animated from 21pm to 4am, you can find the non-pros earlier, but around midnight is the best hour to check the action. To find the girls drive up and down Rua Rodrigo Fonseca (parallel to Rua Artilharia 1), since the street is not very large, if you pull to the side to talk to the girl try not to block the street because this pisses off the cops. In Artilharia 1 you can find some older women near the Volvo stand. Forget about the bus stop… standing in the bus stops are normal procedure for this girls

Parque Eduardo VII – This area is very close to Artilharia 1, but different. The main spot is in the parking area. During the day you can find some hookers, but not many and noting really great (2/5) and generally old (30s/40s). The service is made in some hotel near by (not in the Ritz or Sheraton, just across the street, lol!!!). This proves to be difficult because if you go by car (and you can’t go by foot) you will have a problem to park your car near the hotel… Prices are similar to Artilharia 1.

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At night it all changes, the girls disappear and the place becomes gay territory. Since I don’t really care for this, I can’t give you much info. Anyway you will find in this area some kids (18 to 30, possibly some underage…) and some men (not travesties) and if you really into having sex with another men this is a place to check. From Rua Rodrigo Fonseca just turn to Rua Marques de Subserra, go through the tunnel under Rua Castilho, turn left and you will be in the spot, just drive up the street until Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira. To continue the sightseeing turn right because it is sometimes also possible to see male prostitutes until Avenida Sidonio Pais.

Restelo – This is very close to Belenenses stadium (Belem), drive along Restelo Avenue (and sometimes Avenida Vasco da Gama) this is a residencial area and since it is an upscale one (a lot of embassies are in this block), the police raids are very frequent. Because of this there are only a few girls working. I would rate them (2 to 5). This is a place to go for a quick blowjob (with condom) in the car. The girls are not very clean or very nice. The best hours seem to be between 21 and midnight. After that only the girls that have not made enough money will stay. The place becomes deserted after 3 am. Don’t be surprised if you meet some girl you already saw earlier at Monsanto. The price for a bbj is around 2000 to 2500 (10 usd)

Conde Redondo: In Rua Bernardino Ribeiro / Rue Gomes Freire you can find some old girls working (30s / 40s). They go to a “around the corner” hotel, well… actually the girls’ work at the hotel’s door! (you can park the car, talk to the girl and walk to the hotel. The price is around 6000 escudos (30 usd). These girls are not really glamorous or the most skilled professionals, they don’t have a lot of clients, they seem to be the previous generation of hookers that are still active. I suppose they have a few regulars and are happy with that. These girls are not drug addicts; they are very “normal” people. I would rate them 3 to 6 and 10pm to 3 or 4 am is good hour to drop in.

But at Conde Redondo, the main action is the transvestites that hang around. . Here you can find all kind of he-she extravaganza. This is the only spot in this kind in Lisbon. Since I don’t like this, I can’t give any further information. The streets for this are: Rua Goncalves Crespo / Rua Conde Redondo.

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Tecnico: The streets around the campus of IST University are the icing on the cake of Lisbon streetwalker scene. Here you can find a big number of girls after 10pm until 5am. The best hour is again around midnight. The best babes (4 to 7, maybe an 8) can be found in Rodovisco Paes Avenue (the other streets are Rua Alves Redol, Avenida Antonio Jose Almeida and Avenida Manuel da Maia. The girls take you to a cheap and sleazy hotel about 5 minutes away (by car, near the Chile square at Rua Francisco Sanches to be more precise), the session is always a little hurried, but for a price of 5 / 6000 escudos (25 usd) that’s what you will get. Even at late hours this area has a lot of traffic, a lot of guys drive a few times around to check all the girls before picking one up and also because the best girls are never a lot of time standing. Forget about making it in the car, this is almost downtown area and it is very difficult to find a dark alley. Unless you go through a red light in front of a police car you won’t have problems with the cops here. Unfortunately there are a lot of tough pros here so forget about GFE. It’s good for empting your balls, but nothing more than that. Sometimes during the afternoon it is possible to find some fat and old hooker around here, but nothing really worth your time. All this places seen so suffer a weekend syndrome, the Friday and Saturday night are by far the ones with more girls working

In almost everywhere you can see a small minority of black girls working. You should discuss every aspect of the deal before the girl gets in your car. If you are into anal please ask in advance if it is OK with her, only a small percentage of girls let you do that and generally it comes with an extra price. If you want you can discuss the price, some girls are firm and other (depending on the day) make a better price. (Usually this is around 1000 esc – I am quoting medium prices, but don’t expect them to get much different). Always discuss all details before she enters your car (especially if you are into anal and don´t forget to have a good look at her face, because from a distance the girls tend to look better… and also because in her face you can see if she is stoned (it would not be the first: once a girl blacked out several times while sucking my dick!)

Streetwalker / Cheap spots:
Intendente: (Largo Intendente Pina Manique) If you are into fucking fat, old pigs loaded with STD and pay for it, then this is the place for you. The most obnoxious grandmothers are around this site, hanging around a few bars (let’s make it SHITTY bars) trying to make a commission on a few beers and then take you to some piss-smelling hotel and let you fuck her for 2000 escudos (10 usd) or something like that. This is one of the worst areas in Lisbon; the usual costumers of this shit hole are the construction works that illegally live in Portugal. Take my advice: don’t come here unless you want to puke your dinner.

Cais do Sodre: (Rua Nova Carvalho near Rua São Paulo) this is in every aspect like Intendente. There are a few bars (almost all with names of cities since this is a saylor hang out place, and some very ugly and dirty women work there. Stay away!

Incalls / Outcalls:
For me, by far the best way to have sex in this beautiful city! Almost all the newspapers have ads, but the best is the Correio da Manha (you can see their web page in - at “classificados” choose “convivio” and then in “area geografica” menu choose the “Grande Lisboa” area, and a list of ads will appear. The ads have a small description of the person(s) or service and a phone number. The variety is awesome. If you get lucky it is easy to find a nice girl that will give you an hour of nice sex, usually the bbj is done without condom (well…sometimes thing don’t go so well, but that’s life!). The prices vary from 10000 to 20000 escudos (42 to 85 usd) generally 10000 goes for the “enough time for you to be satisfied” and 20000 to a full hour. You can find a lot of different address where you can find from one to 10 girls working. Usually anal has an overcharge of 5000 esc. Because many of you readers don’t speak Portuguese at all, I will try to “decode” the more usual terms used in this ads, so you know what to expect. (The majority of these girls will speak a little English). In these ads you can also see male and couples escorts advertised.

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Menina = Jovem = Young lady ; Senhora = middle age lady ; Casais = couples Amigas = friends ; Bonequinha = beautiful doll = petite ; Só = alone ; Linda = beautiful ; Cabelos = hair ; Corpo Escultural = great body Apartamento privado = private apartmente; apartamento luxo= luxury apartment Sem pressa = unhurried ; Boazona = hot babe ; Peito grande = big boobs Hoteis / Domicilios = Outcalls ; Rapaz = male escort Morena = brunette ; Loira = Blonde ; Ruiva = Red ; Mulata = dark skined Meiga = charmosa = tender = sweet ; Desinibida = open minded Caparica, Setubal or Margem Sul = located on the other side of the river Trintona = 30s ; Quarentona = 40s ; Convivio = sexual relationship Completa = complete (includes anal) ; Acompanhante = escort

The areas codes for the phones are:
91x, 96x, 93x = mobile networks (the majority) 212x = south side of the river 213x, 217x, 218x = Lisbon 214x = east side: Amadora, Queluz, Carcavelos, Cascais, etc 219x = west side of lisbon: Expo, Moscavide, etc 64x = this are audio “added value” services (2usd a minute), sometimes some jokers put this numbers on the ads section for people to call them and spend a lot of $$$ on the call. Forget it, you will only find talk in here.

If you actually buy the paper (Correio da Manha) you will notice that some of the ads are around a box. These ads have titles like “New Center” or “Clube das Sereias” (marmade club) and others… these are the ones for the best and more expensive clubs, they offer sauna, Jacuzzi, bar, tv + video and the best girls. From my experience if you like to have the 9s and 10s this is the place to go. The prices range from 20 to 30000 (around 85 to 130 usd). When you arrive at the club you can choose between 8 to 12 girls, you pay to go to the room and then the girls start with a session at the sauna or Jacuzzi, followed a nice massage and in the end you end up having sex, for what I have read this is similar to the Brazilian termas. (The big difference is that you can only have sex once) You can see a web site for some of this clubs in Since I am not into advertising any particular site, and the phone numbers and places sometimes change I will not give you any tips, how ever if you are visiting Lisbon if you want to e-mail me I can give you the contact of some of my personal favourites.

The upscale clubs:
Some say that this is best way to get sex, but I don’t agree because the prices are highly inflationated. You only need to look at the Parking lot of Elefante Branco to see that inside you will have to spend you hard earned money in a big way and never forget that expensive price doesn’t always match superior quality. The girls are very nice looking (8 to 10) and are all dressed to kill. You will not find a Portuguese girl working in this place, most of them are Brazilians and eastern Europeans, witch is good because these girls are more warm and open mind than Portuguese women. The outgoing rate is around 30000 (130 usd) but you will have to pay the girl a drink (overpriced), pay for the hotel (around 15 usd) and give her some tip for the taxi when she leaves. The Brazilian are very nice women and love what they do, but in this clubs they tend to become a little too professional and try to leave you as soon as you get started… The best place is for sure Elefante Branco (Rua Luciano Cordeiro). But if you are really looking for very nice girls and a very happy environment just go to Gallery (Rua Duque Loulé, it is the next block from Elefante). This is just like a disco, but all the girls are working. Hipopotamo, Cova da Onca, Night and Day are also good options.

You can find an online map of Lisbon at - By choosing other geographical situation at the Correio da Manha site you can acess adds for other regions of the country.

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