Prostitution Report
from Rhode Island

are there any full service MPs in rhode island anymore? since the closing of club osaka i still find plenty of places but they are all limited to hand release. i have tried on place in pawtucket called sports therapy (might be called tokyo spa now) on east street (?) i went there twice over the last year. both times the girls were reasonabley cute. 1 hour cost 50-60 and includes suana and table shower. table shower was nice and allowed me to prove i am not a cop. once in the massage room i received a GREAT massage, though not the most erotic one. i was able to fondle a little but but not much. both times i was limited to her giving me hand release. on the first occassion the girl pulled her top down, but i didnt even get that the next time.

havent been back in several months, looking to see if it is different. in the time since i have gone to the VIP spa in providence (ad in phoenix) 3 times. first two times was with wendy: very cute girl with long hair and big tits (late 20s i think). price was 50 the first time and 40 a week later (mama san remembered me) Wendy gave a nice erotic table shower paying close attention to my most intimate of areas..back in the room i received a great massage which was fairly erotic. she only gave hand release but did take her tits out for me to suck on. overall was limited but her attitude was very nice and sexy

the last time was with hana. this was the best hand job i ever had. she is tall; blonde highlights, big tits (implants) and is very slender (smoking body) she is very pretty. the hour now cost 80 (i dont know why). She is VERY friendly and went to town at the table shower. back at the room i got a great oil massage laying on my stomach. after turning over, her top came down (fabulous tits) and she let me suck and fondle to my hearts content. she would do oral but she gave me a nice tit fuck with oil. she then jerked me off as i came all over her tits. Even after this she continued the massage while topless. great attitude and killer looks. i would pay plenty for full service but it is not available.

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