Prostitution Report
from Romania

I often come to Bucharest to meet escort girls. Some nice meetings, some bad dates. And I am not wheeling to talk about my experiences. But, I just have a special week-end that I would like to share with you.

On Venus Charts website, I found an agency in Bucharest that I don't know until then : Lovely Angels. I ask to become member. A prompt reply from the manager and I have access to the details on the website. The website is simple, not very professional, but some nice girls and the manager Nicky is very kind. She communicated few times with me, asking for my expectations about the dates and about the girls. I ask for GFE, frequent sex and long foreplays. I also told that I am a 50 years old man who likes to be pampered and who appreciates if the girls can initiate sex.

Nicky welcomes me at the airport and brings me to the apartment. Angel is waiting me here, in a very sexy dress. Young, escort girl style, good English. She asks me if I want to take a bath after my long flight and prepares a bath for me. And she joins me in the bath: kissing, caressing, and sucking. You can imagine the following story. In the evening, she brings me to a restaurant recommended by Nicky. Nice place, good ambiance, excellent services. It seems that you are well served when the agency does the reservation for you. When we come back to the apartment, once again, she brings me directly to the bedroom. After that, we stay together, side-by-side, listen to music, and having nice conversation. And we have very good sex until morning. The arriving of Isabel around noon wakes us up. After meeting Angel, I am not sure that I want to change her for Isabel. But when I see Isabel, I don't hesitate and Angel leaves me.

Well dressed but sexy, and smiling. Good English, educated. After ten minutes with her, it seems that I know her for a long time. She proposes to prepare a lunch for us and asks me to stay in the living room. Nice conversation. She joins me from time to time in the living room. Very nice French kisses. It seems that I am really with a girlfriend. After the lunch, she starts to excite me and we have no other choice that going to the bedroom. We assist to an opera in the evening. Isabel is very elegant, acts with lot of class. I am very proud to be by her side. And I think that any body can imagine that I am with an escort girl. It seems that we are a very romantic and lovely couple. After dinner, back to home. Candle light, very elegant but very sexy dress. And I discover that Isabel is a Tantra instructress. And I can tell you that she is a really good instructress. Fabulous message, nice sex, sometime wild, sometime wise, always very sensual. She really enjoys sex, forces me not to stop. But after these two days, you can understand that my performance goes down. But she continues to suck me until I come in her mouth. And we start again and again.

A personalized services from the manager Nicky. Beautiful, elegant, educated and sophisticated girls, but very active in bed, long foreplays, sensual and do their best to fulfill my wishes. What else can I ask for ?

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