Prostitution Report
from Serbia

I've been to Belgrade in early September 2001. While Belgrade might still not be the ultimate sex destination, the choice, quality and prices are excellent. On average, Serbian girls are really hot. Serbia is has been in seriouse economic troubles for the last 10 years, and this is, of course, good for the hobby. Prostitution has become a source of supplemental income for many college students, so the scene is less professional. Once more foreigners start coming in, Belgrade might become a sex center of Eastern Europe, similar to Budapest and Prague in the early '90s.

In most mid-range Belgrade hotels, a two-tier pricing system is still in place, foreigners pay much more than locals for the same room. I stayed at "JAT Slaviya B" hotel, right at the airport bus terminus in the city center (Slaviya place). Rate for a single room was US $30 for foreigners, or $10 for Serbians. My room on the 15th floor was clean, spacious, had shower, towels, mirror, and a great view... more then adequate for Eastern European standards. Hotel seemed to have very good security and maintenance, as well as individual safes for valuables near the lobby.

Belgrade was bombed by NATO in 1999, and there is a bit of xenophobia around. In general, even after the hard years Serbia went through, Belgrade is a rather safe city, without much violent crime. Anyway, always use common tourist precautions: don't stand out, be aware of your surroundings, don't discuss politics, and don't be an American too much. I am American, but do speak enough Serbian to pass for a local, so this was not a concern for me.

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Ads/ finding agencies:
Here's how the hobby works in Belgrade: pick up a copy of "Novosti oglasi" (pronounced: Noh-voh-sti oh-glaa-see) classifieds newspaper (not "Vecernje Novosti", that's a daily paper). In the back it contains a huge section with advertisements for sex agencies as well as individual girls, titled "Licni kontakti". The fact that most of the paper is in cyrillic letters might represent a small problem, but I'm sure you'll find your way... The content of all ads is fairly similar anyway (sometimes a brief description of a girl, but mostly just catchy keywords), so just pick one and call. Agencies with larger ads usually have larger selection, and prices are generally similar. Most people in Belgrade, especially younger ones do speak English.

Telephone operators for sex agencies are very polite, and will assist you in finding their place, or send a girl matching your description to your hotel. Do ask them about everything you need, specify exact duration of the date (1/2h, 1h or 2h...), and any "special activities" you might want (such as anal etc.). I used only outcall, two different agencies, and girls they sent matched my description entirely each time... more about the girls later on. BTW, one girl said most agencies are in some sort of a deal, sharing similar supply of girls, and having simlar prices.

All agencies/girls have fairly similar price structures:
1/2 hr = 40-70 DEM
1 hr = 70-120 DEM, most commonly 100 DEM ($45)
2 hr = about 150 DEM
This commonly includes fuck and bbbj, and, depending on the girl, licking and fingering. Anal, S/M and other perversions are available, you should as

Note that german marks (DEM) are the currency of choice. Agencies don't accept Yugoslav dinars (DIN), local currency. Also, the girls will probalby ask you for taxi money, usually under 200 DIN (=$4). Be sure to have exact german mark bills you need, as girls usually do not provide change. There are many exchange offices in the city that can give you DEM or DIN, and they all provide pretty much the same rate (1 DEM = 30 DIN).

Quality of Belgrade outcalls is really high. I did 2 outcall girls from 2 different agencies. While this might sound like a "cat in the bag", each time they did send a stunner, matching my specification very well.
My first girl was Jelena, 20 y.o., black long hair, amazing blue eyes. About 170cm tall, a very hot body w/ large tits. She was very casual and unprofessional, told me that she works just occasionally (once in 2 weeks or so) to earn some extra money. Cuddled a lot, kissed full french, very passionately, made enjoyable smalltalk, she is very educated for a prostitute... a true GFE. We had a nice shower together before and after sex, and I managed to shoot 3 loads in one hour. She did a fairly nice BBBJ. The only downturn was, she didn't let me lick her or finger her. I would rate her 9/10 for service and 9/10 for looks.

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Next day, I did Irena, a 18 y.o. blonde, green eyes and a petite body w/ small tits (exactly as I requested). She was fresh out of high school, earning some money over the summer. She worked for 3 months, and said she did have quite a busy schedule, about 2 to 3 customers a day. She stank of cigarettes very badly, and a long shower didn't help... this spoiled the experience to an extent. Compared to Jelena, she was more professional, but had an acceptable attitude that pleasing me is her business. She did an excellent long BBBJ to completion (didn't swallow), and let me lick her and finger her. I would Irena 7/10 for service (-2 points for tobbaco stench) and 8/10 for looks.

Incall scene should be similar to the outcall one, but I didn't check it out this time. Hotel security did stop one of the girls... she apparently had to bribe her way up to my room... well, her problem.

Another option I didn't really look into is street sex... it's incredibly cheap (like $6 for a blowjob), but dangerous and most girls are butt-ugly gypsy pro's. They mostly hang out near Kamenicka street, Zeleni venac flea market and the train station. I walked around the area out of curiosity, saw about 10 girls but never considered doing anything. Don't check them out, unless you're terribly cheap and would't mind screwing a dog.

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