Prostitution Report
from Singapore

Well, just got back from another trip to Singapore and this time was a bit more fun than the last.

I had thought I was to stay at the Orchard Hotel however once in Singapore I was told it was the Oxford Hotel...there is a big difference.Although the Oxford is not terrible, it's only a 2 star hotel, comparable to about a 700-1000 baht in Thailand and I can't recommend it. Small rooms, small TV, no mini bar and a bit old. The free breakfast was absolutely horrible and truly a disgrace. Cold ham, cold noodles, no eggs, and Tang that doubled as orange juice. The best things I can say about the place is there is free instant coffee packs and a hot water boiler in the room and they let me check out at 4:00PM. The cost shown in the hotel was 120 Sing dollars. I would have been pissed to pay that much! Stay at the Orchard or the Elizabeth Hotel instead.So after a day of work hit the Orchard towers again and met up with Thaijoe. Had a better time than last time and Ipanema's was packed and there were a handful of hotties in the crowd. After making the rounds we left emptyhanded.

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There is a great little sushi bar we hit downstairs in the Orchard and lo and behold.....there was also some Bangkok pussy that I knew sitting with a guy outside. Her name is Gae and I had banged a few of her friends in the past and had always wanted to bang her. My reputation with her friends had always been good, too good and I always had problems taking her. She is fairly hardcore in that at this point it is strictly business and although she is very attractive, I can't see getting the GFE from her.Called her away from her man and she ended up going out in the lobby. Thaijoe and I spoke with her for a while and she was asking crazy prices. Thaijoe was telling her 150 for a short time and I was telling her 200 long time. She wanted 300 and I told her no, 200. She ended up going with her original customer and it's my guess that the highest bidder won. So...went back to the room alone.Next night was much of the same thing. I watched the Korea / Germany game in an outdoor stadium for the first half and then went to a hotel afterwards. I had a brief encounter with a seemingly "nice" Singporean girl and had it not been for my "business meeting" I would have put more effort into her and at the very least had some fun with her.

After I left the game I went over to the Orchard alone. Saw a few cuties worth taking but after a long day of running around all over Singapore, I was not up for dealing with the whores. I also wasn't up for going to Geyland and certainly not Batam.Although I didn't spring for the pussy this trip, I will say I saw quite a bit more action this trip and maybe after a few more trips will see even more. My business contact told me that in Geyland the price is 40 Singapore dollars for a 30-60 minute short time. Sounds good to me ( a hell of alot better than 200-300$!) and the next time I will be going most definitely.

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