Prostitution Report
from Slovakia

Not immediately an easy place to get into and the most. I tried two options a mid priced and a cheap option. And I found a great paper with loads of ads for girls.

The Strip Bar
First stop the Big Apple and topless bar just on the northern edge off the city centre. It’s at 22 Vysoka and is open from 21.00 – 04.00. Entrance is K500 and that includes your first drink. Inside, 8 girls all 7-9’s, some really gorgeous and all 20-25 years old. One by one they take the stage and do a topless poll dance. One of the girls comes over to explain the “menu” to you. This consists of a range of spectator events from K1000 table dance to a full on lesbian show. There is then the “take-the-girl-to-a-room” option which ranges from K3300 for half an hour to K7000 for the one hour two girl special. I chose a particularly gorgeous girl who spoke good English. She had a drink we went to the room. The bill then arrives. Somehow it came to K4150 which didn’t quite add up but…what do you expect.The sex followed a fairly predictable path. You lie on the bed as she rubs her nubile breasts over your cock. She slides a condom on to give you a blow job followed by sex. Then that’s it. She invites you to giver her a tip and you are on your way.

All in all perfectly enjoyable but a bit mechanical. Slovak girls just don’t seem to want to know when it comes to 69 or oral without. You get French and sex and that’s pretty much it. The girl does the business and the punter is very much fucked rather than the punter being particularly proactive.

The Cheap Option
Next stop next morning a smaller private massage place. K100 taxi ride from the Tartra Hotel.36 Mileticova. (0903 59166) You have to phone first. One of the girls normally speaks english. Go to the front of the building with the two Eurotel signs on. Goo to the first floor landing and the door is immediately in front of you slightly to the right with a chrome spy hole in the door. Your supposed to ring when you are outside.The deal is K1400 for half an hour. Two girls on offer 24 hours a day apparently! Now this isn’t a shrine to Slovak beauty – they seem to be 4-6’s. Again no extras on offer and spookily sex followed an absolutely identical pattern to the night before. This must be the Slovak way. But it was still a cheap fuck at a third of the price.

There is a paper called Avizo. You buy it and the brothels advertise in the back. You need a dictionary to have any idea what they are offering! The vast majority also don’t speak English (more speak German), so it’s an uphill struggle, but phone enough of them and you’ll find one that does. Some advertise special services like anal and lesbian duos, domination and watersports, but most seem to be fairly straight.

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