Prostitution Report
from Slovenia

Information about the sex scene in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It has a population of 2 million people. The capital is Ljubljana. You can find sex action also in Maribor, Celje, Velenje and Koper and along the coast. The country is independent from 1990 and safer than most west-european countries. The local currency is tolar ( 1USD=215 tolars, 1DEM=105 tolars ). Prostitution is illegal, but not prosecuted unless it is connected with crime. There is no street prostitution at all. The best way to get laid is to buy a magazin called Salomonov oglasnik. Look up section nr. 27 Zasebni stiki- zenske ona on. There you will find lots of mobile phone numbers.

Most of the girls speak basic english (i am a lovenian so i don t know how well). Most of the girls work independently in their flats ( incalls mainly ) and there are also a lot of them in 3star hotel Lipa (which is in Ljubljana). Half an hour usually costs 10.000 tolars (cca 50usd or 100DEM) and one costs 15.000 tolars. Bargaining is not possible and the rate is firm. If you try long enough you can get a girl for 10.000-12.000 tolars per hour but do not expect her to be young. For this money you get BJ (sometimes covered, sometimes not) and fuck(always with a condom). Some girls will do anal sex for aditional payment of 5.000 tolars. But make sure with a girl in advance if you want to cum twice during the session because some girls will let you have only one orgasm in one hour. My expe-riences were normally very nice, but in my opinion a bit older girls provide a better service. Tipping is not expected. Girls will accept foreign currencies (DEM, ATS,ITL, USD) but they prefer tolars (SIT). You will pay the same rates in other slovenian towns.

You can find some action also in the nightclubs ( Neboticnik- top floor- in Ljubljana ) but there you will pay more. Taxi drivers will know them. You won t find any lobby girls in the hotels. There is very little AIDS in Slovenia. Ljubljana is a safe city also during the night. Hotels will charge you from 6000 SIT (3 star) to 20000 SIT( best 4star hotels) per night.

Have a nice stay in Slovenia.

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