Prostitution Report
from South Africa

I just been to Capetown, Africa last week and checked the Yellow Pages for some nice action. In the listings I found two entries for Capetown downtown. I called one of the places and asked for location and conditions. They are open from noon to late and have in the early shift 2-3 girls
available and from 7 PM 7-9 girls. The hour will cost you 380 Rand. I arrived there in the afternoon and door has been opened by a short haired blond busty girl.

She takes you to the bar inside and there was a 2nd girl. Little selection but her friend was a nice local lightly colored girl with a nicely shaped body and having a gintonic I choose to have a try with her. There is no hassle and we went upstairs. Clean rooms with shower and a whirlpool. Taking a brief shower together with some nice soaping action we moved on to the whirlpool for some nice underwater massage. Just before it gets to hot you are asked to move on to the bed. Great body to body massage that makes you almost come. some titfuck and a long BJ to get you going. The girl named herself storm and that is truly the best name she could have gone for. Overall I give her a 6.5 for looks and a 8 for performance. After one hour we went downstairs again and a 3rd girl showed up. Great looking blond cat tall and slim. I wished I had more time left... looks 8.5 and the rest is to be tested out. Body Heat 021 419-0293 address listed 120 Strand Street but they moved one block away from location The other club mentioned in the Yellow pages is called Paradise at 157 Longmarket Street 021 422-0069 I for sure will test that club as well on my next trip to.

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