Prostitution Report
from South Korea

I was just at Moulin Rouge last night. I can agree that the women there are pretty good compared to the rest of Itaewon. I had been there a few times before and the girls seemed pretty but pushy so I never stayed long. This time the 3 women there all seemed a little cold. None asked me for a drink so I got a Bud and sat in the corner booth pretending to look at the US map they have framed. A hottie in glasses named Yu-ri finally came over and started talking to me, immediately moving the map away so I would concentrate on her. She explained that she and another girl were arguing about money and she was sorry it "took so long" to get over to talk to me.

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She was running the place as mamasan was off that night. Yu-ri is very smooth and knows how to act shy. I like that as she doesn't act all whored out like the rest of the Itaewon girls. She has a gorgeous ass, small but nice tits, and excellent lips. I picked her up and planted her firmly on my lap facing me and started grinding into her. She kept pretending to act shy which was a real turn on, yet at the same time knew exactly what to do. I wanted this girl pretty bad but pretended I wasn't interested. She initially wanted 100,000 won for a BJ (going rate in Itaewon) but I kept reminding her I could go to any whorehouse in Seoul and get a fuck for 60,000 won. Plus it was a slow night. I negotiated 70,000 won for a BBBJ as that's what I really wanted anyway and told her the booth wasn't concealed enough so we went into the hidden room by the upright heater in the corner. As many times as I've been to Moulin Rouge I had no idea that room was there. Tiny room but a little too dark and, although her oral skills were good,(no light in the room, only the dim streetlight shining through the small window) I wanted to get a better view of her naked body (read: ass) and I hinted it would be great to have a second girl join in so she asked if I wanted to do it on the pool table in the middle of the bar with another girl! Fuck yeah! So we got another girl, Sun-na, and they laid out a blanket on the pool table.

The third girl, whom I didn't choose, looked a little pissed 'cause she wasn't gonna make any money. She locked the entry door and then came back upstairs and disappeared into the booth to eat her supper so myself and the two other girls could do the deed. They put on a music medley of old classic rock songs which was great. Yu-ri likes to wear a black dress most of the time and with the glasses you can't confuse her with any of the other girls. Sun-na is a little shorter with a nice hard body, perky little tits and tends to wear a lavender dress most times I've seen her. Both stripped naked and then proceeded to help my out of my clothes. Yu-ri has the better oral skills but doesn't like anyone to touch her pussy. Sun-na, on the other hand, has so-so oral skills but is more accomodating. She'll let you finger her and seems to get into it. I'd never gotten a BJ on a pool table in the middle of a bar with two hotties. I lay on the middle of the table with Yu-ri giving me slow head and Sun-na straddling my face in a 69 position. Then they switched but I preferred Yu-ri's oral skills so I kneeled on the table and Yu-ri got on all fours to suck me to completion while Sun-na laid spread eagle while I played with her pussy. I had a great time and that is definitely the cheapest one can get two women to do that in Itaewon. I'll be back next week, this time with 3 or 4 of them!

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Back in Taegu I happened to get a freebie from a girl at Mama Lee's club just outside of the Army base. There was a new girl there, very tall, who used to work there many years ago and was visiting from the US. This girl loved to drink so I waited while some idiot bought her several beers and then ran out of money. She joined me at the bar. Pretty soon two Korean mafia guys came in and started buying drinks for everyone. All the girls except mine crowded around those two. They milked those guys for at least 400,000 won before the night was through. Great for me as my girl was getting stoned drunk. Time for the bar to close so the older of the two mafia dudes decided it was time to leave. The younger dude wanted my girl and started bullshitting her in Korean that he was gonna give her $2000. I knew if she got into the taxi with him that he'd probably kidnap her ass. So I whispered to her I would give her $3000 (yeah right). This girl couldn't even stand up she was so fuckin' wasted.

I half carried her to a corner taxi and we went to a cheap hotel. I had to help her take her clothes off. Of course I didn't mind. Then she says "Do you want me to suck your dick?" Duh!! She tried her best but was simply too drunk. At this point I just wanted to fuck her and leave so I ran out to get a condom and came back. She couldn't really get into it much but had a smile on her face. About that time she passed out anyway so I covered her up. I left her 30,000 won and got the hell out.

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