Prostitution Report
from Spain

My buddy is in Spain so I just took a short trip to visit him in Valencia. There are many beautiful women in that area, white but with a Mediterranean tone and a nice booty (thank the Moors). Problem is that despite the tight pants they are conservative and very Catholic. I'm sure they can be had free if you are smooth and lived there but doubtful a tourist gets a one night stand. I gave it a shot the first night, buying drinks for girls in a bar/club. At one point I asked the girls where they were going next and they all said home. I leaned in on the cutest one and whispered (in Spanish of course) "Why are you going home?" She replied "Because I'm sixteen." Doh!?!

So, night two - on to the brothel! There's actually two kinds of brothel, the first would be a small private scene in the city. It'd be an unmarked apartment where a small number of ladies entertain male customers according to scheduled appointments. My buddy is hoping to get introduced to such a service but it's usually reserved for locals in the know. Anyhow, we eneded up outside the city in Romani (also the name of the town). There are a fwe places and we went to the biggest / best.

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"ROMANI" - Complejo Hotelero
Ctra. Valencia - Alicante.
SOLLANA (VALENCIA) Tel: (96) 178-28-79

You get any taxi driver in the city and he'll take you out there as soon as you utter "Romani". At this time, the dollar equals 179 pasetas. So the cab ride out there was 3000 ($17 USD). The place is big, nice parking lot, walkway to the ticket office. Entrance is 1000 ($5.50) but you pay for your first drink with that ticket so it's essentially free. Have a drink. Many girls inside but about as many male customers. This was a Sunday night and I counted about 40-50 girls. I would say all girls between 7 and 10. This place is top notch and everything in there was clean, nicely decorated, it was a cool bar with attentive bartenders. Immediately, girls came up to us but I didn't like the first one to come over. Minutes later a really beautiful girl with fantastic legs and a cute smile came over. She was a 9 I'd say, very pretty. We talked briefly and then she started making the deal. At one point she thought I didn't understand and she actually said "fucky-fucky" that was humurous. Basic, normal room for 20 minutes of full service is 10,000 ($56) and they also have nicer rooms, and suites. Also there are higher rates for longer time, but I figured I'd take the 20 minutes. We go upstairs, she implored me to tip the 'mama' (cleaning lady) so I gave her 1000 ($5.50) because it's as small as I had but I'm sure half that would have been plenty. The girl got her makeup box (looked like a fishing tackle box). I paid her upon entering the room.

The room was nice for just a normal room, I'm glad I didnt get anything better. It was fine, nice marble floor and nice two twin beds and nice bathroom with no door. So she got undressed and washed her coochie on the bidet (like a toilet but has a faucet, you sit down facing it and wash your equipment). She told me to get undressed and come in there. I sat down and she washed my dick and surroundings. On the bed I laid down and she stroked me a little, she next grabbed a condom and put it on me. Blowjob was enthusiastic (played with the balls) but that's basically because we only have 20 mins. When I was hard she grabbed KY Jelly and applied it. Then she hopped on and rode me like a bunny. That was cool but the lubricant really left no friction and I couldn't feel much. I wanted to be on top so I sort of motioned to get up and somehow ended up doggie style. Still, little friction, so I put her on her back and banged away. Eventually I dropped a nut and she helped me off with the condom. We washed again and that was that.

Next, I gave my buddy money and he took this gorgeous little girl upstairs. She had to be 19 and was very sexy. I wasn't disappointed because mine was Spanish and his Colombian and I had wanted to screw a Spanish girl. While he did it upstairs I talked with a Colombian girl, nice friendly chat at the bar. When he came back (20 mins) the desk man called us a cab and I saw my girl going back up stairs. All in all a fine professional completely clean and safe and no bullshit everything explained experience that I would reccommend to anyone.

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