Prostitution Report
from Sri Lanka

Try the Green Inn on Galle Road near the junction with Vajira Rd in Bambalapitya. When you go up the stairs from the side-entrance you'll come to a room with about 10/15 girls waiting to help you with whatever needed, ranging from a massage with handjob, a great blow-job to full service for about Rp. 3000.- (USD 40.-). Tried a young Singhalese girl first who was really not worth the extra money she demanded for every extra service, then had a great encounter a few days later with a big older mama who lovingly massaged me, got me all set with her mouth and finally helped me to get off by lowering herself lovingly on top of me.... Good experience and very much worth the money + some extra.... The place is open from 9AM-18PM

In Unawatuna - apart from some freelancers - the only regular place seems to be the Colonial Holiday Villa, a rather rundown old hotel on The Strand not far from the Galle Main Rd. Only 2 girls available ; Bargained the price down to only Rp 1250 (USD 17) for about an hour with the sweet younger one, about 20 years old and very dark-skinned. Had quite enjoyable sex, unhurried and pleasant, the girl a little shy but eager to please.
The same girl will also come to your hotel in her own time (at night) if you can arrange this through a taxi-driver (or try the cook of the Happy Banana Guesthouse). She will stay about 3 hours and will only charge about Rp 1000.- ; didn't have time to try but this seems a more relaxed setup.

Hope the above will put some people on the right track.

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