Prostitution Report
from Switzerland

Arrived approx. 1545 on Wednesday afternoon - drove there from other side of Zurich. I recommend a cab. Exchange rate means that you pay more now; maybe $425. Still worth it in my opinion.

6 girls there, I liked 4 of the 6 looks-wise. Sat down at the bar for a Coke, as it was 85 degrees outside and I had walked around Oberengstringen looking for the place. At the time I arrived, there was one other guy there. I'm a 36 yr old American, he looked like a 40-something Swiss gentleman. I don't speak any German, unfortunately. After my Coke, I struck up a conversation with Sheila. I'm going on the Justjoe looks scale, which rates Jessica a "7", and I would say on that scale Sheila was an 8. She's a Syrian Christian, had a hot body but a less-than-ideal face. Spoke no English, but I know a little Turkish and she knew a lot, so there we were. Never mind, in a minute we were going at it. I popped too soon, cause I had been saving up for Sakura. Went back to the bar to recover, had a bottle of water. It was too damn hot in there, especially with all the physical effort that was going on.

Next, I went with Jessica. That session went great; my Spanish came in handy as a fake Portuguese. I agree with Justjoe that she had a great attitude and less-great looks, but I was glad I included her on my roster. By the time I had finished with Jessica, the other patron was gone and I was alone with the 6 nude women in the bar area. Now I had some real recovering to do, so I looked around the place. It's actually a great setup, although it has a 70's aura to it, with cheesy airbrushed paintings of nude women and stuff, but cool at the same time. I went to the sauna and sweated my ass off, cooled down in the shower. By that time it was around 6 and dinner arrived.

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All the ho's and I dug in to a buffet of some goulash-like meat dish on really good homemade noodles with a bad salad. Had a good time talking to the three more-or-less English speakers. Set my sights on Jade, a Filipina who had grown up in Germany. I rate her a 9 in looks, and when I got her in the back room, I give her a 10 for performance. She took a shower with me afterwards and was very pleasant and caring in showing me around the facility. Fluent in English too. I had a lot of recovering to do. I didn't want to embarrass myself by getting back to the room with some chick and not being able to do anything. Besides, I had saved the best-looking for last: Sahra is a small blond Swiss girl. That's my thing - I understand if you like the Latinas or whatever. I don't as much. I give Sahra a 10 for looks. After a lot of recovery time, we headed back to the back room.

I didn't have anything to worry about. I took a really long time pounding away on her, but she took it well. Eventually, she ended up bringing me off with her hand, because it was getting too rough for her, but I was very happy with the whole thing. I'm a little big, nome sayin, so I sometimes have a problem, especially with a small girl.

After that, I knew I was beat, plus I wasn't really interested in the other two girls, so I took a shower and changed back into my street clothes. Some other patrons had arrived, but still no one spoke English, or I would have stuck around to talk to them. Everyone bid me a fond farewell, and I left around 5 hours after I arrived with a really good feeling about the whole thing. Had to roll-start my car, I left the headlights on in my excitement to get in there. Good thing the Swiss only have stickshift. It woulda sucked to have to call the polizei for a jumpstart!

Highest recommendation for Sakura - Justjoe deserves an Iron Cross for bringing this place to our attention. What a blast. Go if you can afford it.

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