Prostitution Report
from Taiwan

As i stood a week here in Taipeh i want to give you a update of the second half of the week. As i have in the first week a very bad expierence with girls from classified I tried a Bar-Girl. Near Formosa Regent Hotel is the Bar VISA. (leaving the hotel from main entrance turn left and look under the arcades). This bar was reccomended by a taiwanese friend to me. Inside there are about 5 girls. You pay a cover fee of 1500 and can drink as much as you want. The girls will approach you and ask you for a drink. From this point it start to get expensive...... Each drink of the girls is 500 NT$ witch is 12 Euro. As I spend one evening there i found out that the girls have a contest who get the most drinks paid.

I did not care the evening about money so my girl got enough drinks. Finaly i decided to take a tall Taiwanese girl with me. I agreed with the mamsel and paid in the amount in the bar. The mamsel asked me to give the girl one hour and she will meet me in the hotel room. As this was announced after payment i had a bad feeling. Anyways it was done and i went to hotel and left my room number in the bar. After 20 minutes they called and asked to come again to the bar. I did not have a good feeling so i gave the concirger the coordinates were i go with the advise to take care of me if no return after a hour. Arriving in the bar i real was surprised. No Clients anymore and all the girls and the mamsel were sitting round a table and had a nice chinese food on the table. There was one seat free for me. Mamsel told me that my girl real liked me that was the reason she got this food and wanted to invite me. We had nice dinner and afterwards headed to Hotel with my girl.....

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She was already in the bar a kind of shy but this turns me on i do not want to approach the offensive girls. In the room she was nice but did not make any signs to go further. She told me to goto shower myself and real enjoy the shower. I thought o.K. that is the beginning and afterwards she will go to shower herself. I know that some girls do not want to shower together. In the meantime she real cleaned up my massy room. Sorted all my clothing, sorted the table, BUT WAS NOT LOOKING FOR SOMEWHAT. When i came of the shower she continued and asked me to lay to the bed. She went to bathroom and returned with very hot towels. This was the start of a awsome massage. Truely it was the best massage i ever head. The only problem was she was not touching my sensitife parts..... When i afterwards tried to approach her for some more closer action she started crying and had real tears in her eyes. She told me in her bad english that she is not going with client normal and is only in bar to animate drinking and get comission there. She only agreed with me as she real liked me and wanted to be with me the whole night. All arguments that i also like her and that is the reason i want to be closer to her did not work. So she cokked some tea and we had some talk. Also a second approach did not work and finaly she left at 06:00 with tears in the eyes. That was the most expensive massage i ever had........

In the lunch time i called a girl to come and this girl not only had a perfect face(very rare in China) bit also a nice body with small and firm breasts. The only thing was she was again not shaved ..... We had good sex and not so mechanical as the others up to a certain point. Only as i fucked her for a roughly 35 minutes without cumming she became nervous and asked to finish.....Summary of a week here. Nothing here i would return for. Bars and KTV are a rip off and normal girls to approach nearly impossible if you do ot speak chinese..... Also the sex i had will only stay in my head as a bad expierence....... I love to go back to russia on 16th June and catch up there again. Hope that this report is usefull for some of you planing a trip to Taipeh.

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