Prostitution Report
from Tanzania

There is also a place called Las Vegas/California. One of these names is for the outside bar/resturant, and the other is for the inside disco. You will find a lot of streetwalkers outside the Norwegian embassy.My experience with the girls is that they are great. I only once had a problem with theft, and then it was small money disappearing from my wallet. They will easily get attached to you if they stay with you for some time.In the old days of changing money on the blackmarket, I sent my girlfriend with $200 which she got back with a good rate. That is a lot of money there, but no cheating.There are a lot of casinos in Dar these days, could also be a pick up spot.I have not seen the problem with pimps as in Thailand, but I should add that I have not tried a long time relationship so I have not had the chance to find out.Go there. Other countries as Mozambique, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia can be recommended! Stay away from Kenya (tourist machine stuff, a lot of cheating).

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